Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I had every intention of creating a new post last week, but there just wasn't time! The kick-off of our newest edition of BlockWatchers Club was on Monday evening. Tuesday was spent with the North Pittsburgh Quilt Guild teaching a class and then presenting at their meeting in the evening. Wednesday I met with a group of young people to talk about owning your own business and Thursday and Friday were spent here in the store with BERNINA educator Paula Harmon. Whew!

If you missed attending Sewing Celebration or Celebrate 8 here in the store, you missed a really good time - and great goodie bag if I do say so myself! Paula had projects to inspire everyone from beginning sewers to experienced embroidery pros. Several customers were inspired right into a new machine and they will be spending the next few weeks exploring the possibilities with their "new baby" - Congratulations! You are going to love it! Unlike bringing a real new baby home, we are always here to support you and you can stop by and ask us as many questions or get help on as many techniques as needed. I can't guarantee that your "new baby" won't keep you up at night, but at least this one has an on/off switch!

What better way to unwind after a busy week than to spend the whole day sewing? That is exactly what I did on Sunday. Our Quilts of Valor group was hosting a sewing day in the classroom here at the store, so I had to be here to keep an eye on things. We aren't open on Sunday, so I had the whole BERNINA area to myself. One 820 to sew on and one 830 to stitch out embroidery. The ultimate spoiled sewer!

While the 830 stitched out these adorable elephants for a Timeless project for Market, I assembled the hand print quilt for my sister. Leslie's kids, my niece and nephew, attend a private school - in Illinois, and she is in charge of the Fall Fundraiser this year. That means I am in charge of helping her by making a quilt. All quilters understand this issue. You are a quilter and you love what you do, therefore you must be willing to make your Mother/ Sister/ Friend/ Neighbor/ Old High School Teacher/ Co-worker/ Person that sits next to you on the bus/ Etc a quilt. Especially if it is for a very worthy cause.

I don't actually mind doing this for Leslie. She did all the hard work. She worked with the kids, did the hand prints, mixed the textile medium in and heat set the blocks. I only had to do the parts that I love and with 2 sewing machines it was easy to multi task! Boy did it feel good to sew and accomplish something! Now I am going to use her as an excuse to spend another day at the sewing machine while I get the quilting done.

Sneaky huh?