Sunday, October 6, 2013

Would you like to win a set of Scrap Crazy Templates?

Are you wondering where I have been?

Care to take a guess?  Come on, just guess!  Your wild and crazy imagination can't be more ridiculous than some of the rumors that are going around!  Rumors are part of our business.  It's natural for women to talk.  We hear lots of things we don't repeat and I'm not surprised to find out that sometimes we are the subject of talk.  We just try to keep it to a minimum.  Every few years someone comes into the shop to tell me that they "heard" that we are closing (wouldn't I be the first to know?).  For years I laughed it off and my standard response was "Did they also
tell you that I am sleeping with Mel Gibson?".  That was fun until Mel went off the deep end and became a bit of a nut case.  It was after his crazy tirade that I decided to break things off with Mel and take up with Hugh Jackman.  You read that correctly, I am no longer sleeping with Mel Gibson. 

Do you really want to know where I've been?  Working, working hard!  Although I am always working on new ideas, October is the kick-off month for all of the club programs in our shop.  I rarely do something "off the shelf" so that means creating new projects, writing new patterns and test sewing everything before we start.  I will be the first to admit that I normally work down to the wire - if I don't need it until tomorrow my usual attitude is that I still have plenty of time!  This year is different. I happen to have
selected projects that need to be completed before anything can begin.  Because they are monthly clubs, I'm working on things that my club members won't see until next JUNE!  Working that far ahead I should have some free time between now and then.... right?  I'm going to have to let Hugh know.......

I have also been out of the shop ... a lot.  We did the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Monroeville PA at the end of August, Mancuso Show in Oaks PA in mid September and a personal appearance at the Aurora Sewing Centers near Buffalo New York last week.  At the speaking engagement in New York one of the attendees reminded me of one of my favorite rumors.  I'm known as the Tattooed Lady to a busload of women from near Syracuse. 

Several years ago for our "Spooktacular Bus Tour" I "dressed up" by wearing a pair of sheer nylon sleeves that make it look like you have tattoos on your arms.  It was Halloween day. They were $1.98.  I thought it was fun.  What I didn't realize was that most of the women on the bus thought those tats were real.  Some were offended, a few finally put two and two together and asked me about them then laughed.  The youngest girl on the bus told me she was proud of me for showing off my "art".  I crushed her opinion of me when I show her they were fake.  Honestly, who would think that 2 bucks worth of nylon stocking would be taken for real body art on Halloween day?  It's been years since that bus trip and I still have people asking if I am the shop owner with the tattoos (even when I am standing right in front of them).
This past weekend was the kick-off weekend for our clubs.  I joked with the group that I would be staying home for awhile, so they would see me in the shop.  "I will be chained to my desk".  At least until Quilt Market at the end of the month and I'm going to squeeze in a quick trip to see the grandkids too.  Perfectly normal right?  I thought so, except that I was wearing THIS when I said it:

 Does that look like a monitoring device to you?  It is - sort of - it is a Fitbit.  It tracks how many steps I take.  It is a fancy schmancy pedometer.  It is NOT a security device that tracks the whereabouts of criminals. I am NOT under house arrest.  I don't get zapped if I leave the parking lot....... but that is kinda funny.  I hope the woman that thinks I'm under house arrest is also telling everyone that it is the Quilt Police that put me there because I need to stay home and SEW more!  I wouldn't mind being sentenced to a few dozen more quilts!

Let's have some fun with this!  Leave me a comment on why you think I am under house arrest - the funnier the better - and when I get 25 or more comments I will select one to win a set of Scrap Crazy templates!  If you don't comment you can't win!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Have You Gone Scrap Crazy Yet?

When is the last time that you purchased a product that put your creative thinking in high gear?  I'm thrilled to say that my Scrap Crazy Template Set from Creative Grids has reached the Top 10 Best Selling Notions!  YEA!!!
Earlier this year I shared with you the introduction of my Scrap Crazy Template Set.  I have to admit that I knew in the design process that we were creating something special.  Each time I looked at the templates I had another idea for how to use them. 
Once I had prototypes in my hand I started to work through the math and cutting instructions.  A whole world of possibilities opened up when I realized that I could cut all of the pieces I need for one block from one ten inch square.  That means that every Layer Cake that you own is now a Scrap Crazy kit - with little or no waste!
Timeless Treasures then introduced new "6 Packs", six inch strips of batik fabrics that also work perfectly with the template set.  Suddenly I couldn't sew fast enough to get all of my ideas into patterns to share with you!  It doesn't matter if you are sewing with pre-cut fabrics or from your overflowing scrap basket, there are a multitude of ways to combine the templates into beautiful quilts.  I think that versatility is the ultimate key to their success.
Creative Grids has a "rule" that they won't introduce a new product until they have at least 3 support patterns to go along with it.  No problem!  I quickly created a Minky backed baby quilt using a pack of batik 10 inch squares.  Next came a Keepsake Pillow, all done in white, with ribbons, lace inserts and lots of decorative stitching.  Then I ventured into block projects, partial blocks, rectangles and creating tessellated, diamond, chevron and pinwheel designs.
Each pattern offers you the opportunity to learn something special.  Working with partial blocks, cutting from purchased fabrics rather than scraps, using mirror image pieces, something other than the basic block instructions.  But how many individual patterns do you really need? 
I expected you to get creative!  You don't have to play with the templates for long before you realize that you can cut the shapes from anything, including smaller scraps and strips that you have sewn together to make a larger sheet of fabric.
Still, the number one question that I get from customers is "Do you have a pattern for that"?
Enter the Scrap Crazy Playbook!  I've been busy writing and sewing seven new projects to include in one 12 page booklet that has all of the basic information, finishing instructions, charts and requirements. For some of the projects I have included several sizes.  Whew!  I'm down to the home stretch in editing and the new Scrap Crazy Playbook should be available to purchase at the end of August.
Then, just when I thought I had covered everything another idea popped into my head.  Scrap Crazy blocks are 8 1/2 inches (8" when finished)  Erin Underwood's new Diamond Ruler is 8 1/2 inches.......  I think there is a Scrap Crazy Lone Star in my future!
From time to time I get an email with a photo attached from someone that has used one of my patterns or rulers to make something special.  I LOVE to get those emails.  I'm sending this shout-out to all Scrap Crazy fans!  I want to see - so that I can share the photos here - pictures of what you are making.  Large, small, finished or in-the-works, you can email the photos to:


Thanks for voting!
Our Gone Scrap Crazy quilt knocked it out of the park in our first MLQ match up.  We have won the first round, but there are plenty more to go.  We will be competing against Suzanne's Quilt Shop in round 2 in September.  I will keep you posted and make sure I extend a personal invitation to the game.  Meanwhile keep logging in to vote for your favorite quilt on the MLQ website.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Major League Quilting

Are you ready for some BASEBALL... um..... QUILTBALL? 

How about some Major League Quilting FUN?

The Major League Quilting season is underway!  Thirty of the finest quilt shops you will ever find have formed "teams" and their chosen quilts are competing for the World Series of Quilting title.   Unlike a normal baseball game, YOU the fan are in charge of who wins this illustrious event.  All you have to do is log on to the MLQ website, sign in and cast your vote for your favorite of the two competing quilts.  No fee, nothing to buy.  Games are held each Monday and Thursday. 
Being the true-to-my-heart Pittsburgh girl that I am, my quilt represents the Pittsburgh Buccaneers.  Starting today we are competing against the St. Louis Redbirds and we really want to WIN!  The 'burgh is the known as the City of Champions and we take our competition seriously. 

My "Gone Scrap Crazy" quilt is up against The Quilt Asylum's "1000 Pyramid".

While the Asylum has brought a heavy hitter to the competition, claiming that the triangles resemble baseball pennants, I think the Scrap Crazy project should win this round hands down.  After all, if you should make both quilts, when you are finished with Gone Scrap Crazy you will have a beautiful quilt.  AND you will have cleaned out over 400 scraps (does that mean I'm batting 400?) AND you will have the coolest, most versatile, creative template set you have ever owned left to use to make a million more quilts.  If you make The Quilt Asylum's 1000 Pyramid quilt you will have a beautiful quilt.... and your fill of triangles.  Ask me how I know.

This is MY version of the 1000 Pyramid quilt that I created for Timeless Treasures.  It features their new "Six Pack" in the Sugar colorway.  Six Packs are twenty 6 inch strips by the width of the fabric that come packed like bricks.  Think of them as super sized Jelly Rolls.  The same length but much wider. The instructions for my quilt are a FREE HANDOUT on the Timeless Treasures website.  You can download them here:

I'm swinging for the fence here and asking for your vote!  Log-on, join in the fun and help Gone Scrap Crazy and the 'burgh make it all the way to the Quilting World Series!   If you are wondering what fabulous prize will be awarded to the winning quilt, the answer is..... bragging rights.  That doesn't mean that we aren't all in-it-to-win-it.  Quilting Treasures in Rogers MN even has a video scouting report.  After you have voted, check out the Bracket page to see who will be competing against whom.  Once we tromp the Redbirds we will be facing some stiff competition in the Atlanta Raves!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to Work

Hi!  Remember me?  I write this blog. 
It's been many weeks since my last post and the days have been whizzing by with good intensions, but very little productivity.  Not that I have been laying around doing nothing.  Far from it! 

Mid June we participated in the Western Pennsylvania Shop Hop.  Smack in the middle of that we hosted Alex Anderson for a wonderful event co-sponsored by BERNINA.  Mixing those two events was quite the experience!  The theme for the Shop Hop was "Into the Forest".  As part of our decorations to create the "forest" theme our front porch was turned into a campsite, complete with tent, sleeping bag, campfire and coffee pot.  When Alex arrived she played right along, making herself at home!  What a good sport, sharing the spotlight with all of the hop activity.  Alex and almost 600 traveling hoppers in 4 days makes for long busy days!

Immediately after the hop my husband and I headed for Shipshewana Indiana to vend at the annual Quilt Festival.  I would like to think of it as a relaxing 5 days in Amish country, but the truth is it is a very busy show and I spend all 4 of the show days demonstrating.  This year the featured product was my new Scrap Crazy Template Set from Creative Grids.  I'm sure that I did that demo more than 500 times and I am looking forward to seeing what all of those happy customers create!  That doesn't mean that I didn't find time to sneak away and get a good look at the amazing quilts on display.  These photos are of the quilt show - but not the grand prize winners.  Those were in the Hudson Museum and I forgot to take my camera with me when I went to view those.

After Shipshewana we head to Cincinnati to pick up our grandkids and bring them home for the week.  Having twin two year olds in your house without their parents for 5 days is exhausting, but I wouldn't miss a minute of it!  After they left yesterday I sat down to a quiet cup of tea.  My tea bags have words of wisdom on the tag and mine read "Children tend to make their parents feel old and their grandparents feel young".  That and the joy of random, sticky, unsolicited kisses, pretty much sums up my last week.


With absolutely no rest in between we jumped right into the Pennsylvania Row-by-Row Shop Hop that started July 1st.  You can stop by any of the participating Pennsylvania or New York shops and simply ask for a FREE pattern.  No participation fees, no passports to keep track of.  Just collect the patterns, make a quilt and win prizes.  Many of us have kits available to purchase for our rows to make your job even easier.  Ours retails for only $8! Follow the fun on the Facebook page by clicking here:

If that isn't enough excitement for you, starting July 15th we are also participating in Major League Quilting!  Just like Major League Baseball, two quilts will compete against each other.  Your votes determine the winner.  There is nothing to buy, no fee to play along.  Kits for the featured quilts are available, but all you have to do is vote for your favorite on the Major League Quilting website to keep it moving along.  I know you will all want to support the Pittsburgh Buccaneers and their Gone Scrap Crazy entry.  So vote early and vote often to keep us in the game!!!!!

Does it sound like I need a rest?  Thankfully I have one planned for Thursday and Friday in the form of a 1 day cruise!  MJ our Travel Agent that is making the arrangements for our Quilting Cruise next May has invited me to spend the night on the very ship we will be sailing on, leaving out of Baltimore.  This is the perfect chance to check out the ships facilities, see our sewing room, make plans and arrangements so that everything goes smoothly.  It is only one night onboard, but it is still a cruise, there will still be a deck chair available and possibly a dip in the hot tub after a nice glass of wine..... ahhhh.  I know you can't join me Thursday but there are still some spaces available for next May.  The new prices are even lower than we first announced and if you book this weekend MJ is offering a special onboard gift!  If you are in the area, stop by the shop on Saturday morning to meet MJ and allow her to answer any questions you might have.

Right after that I will be getting ready for Christmas in July.... but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I hope all of you are enjoying the long holiday weekend. It is a bit chilly here in the 'burgh for full blown summer activities like swimming, but the sun is shining and we should hit the mid 60's later today. Darn good quilting weather if you ask me.

Once again my husband and I have chosen to celebrate the official start to summer by attending PyroFest. An amazing tribute to all things that light up the night sky that is held in the park just around the corner from our store. Trust me, this daylong event isn't your grandmother's fireworks display. This is an amazing spectacle of color and design that is timed to music on an enormous scale. The gorgeous displays are interspersed with live music performances and fun activities for kids. In the daylight hours the fireworks include a powdery substance that creates what look like chalk painting in the sky. If hunger strikes, the park grounds are surrounded by the festival favorites, funnel cakes, fresh lemonade, ice cream and Gyro vendors. As darkness falls the unbelievable spectacle begins. It is something that has to be experienced in person. We here in western PA love our colorful explosions and if you are a fireworks fan, this is an event not to be missed.

Why am I sharing this experience with you? Because I have decided to commemorate PyroFest in quilting. Our shop is one of over 50 stores in the state of Pennsylvania that is participating in the Pennsylvania Row-by-Row Shop Hop this summer. Beginning July 1st and running through September 2nd you can stop in any of the participating shops and pick up a FREE pattern for a 36" row to make a row-by-row quilt. No registration, no participation fee, no hoops to jump through, just ask for the FREE pattern and it is yours. How fun is that?

Naturally there will be prizes! As a participant your job is to collect at least 8 rows for your quilt. Make the rows, assemble and finish the quilt. To "win" all you need to do is be the first person to bring your finished quilt to one of the participating stores and you will be awarded a FREE bundle of 25 FAT QUARTERS! Only one prize will be awarded per participating store but that also means that with 50+ participating shops there are 50+ bundles to be won!

Each shop has been asked to design a 36 inch row that has commemorates a festival that is held in their area for this event. I've chosen PyroFest! Our 36 by 6 inch strip features bright batiks in the night sky. Stop in the shop to pick up the FREE pattern after July 2nd (when the hop officially begins). You can also purchase a kit that includes the pattern, fabric and foundation papers for the star points for only $8.

To find a list of participating shops and see the rows as they are designed you can follow the Pennsylvania Row-by-Row Shop Hop on Facebook. As the summer progresses we will also be posting photos of the people that finish their quilts and claim the 25 FAT QUARTER PRIZE in each store. Start planning your summer travel now!

If that isn't enough fun. The state of New York is hosting a Row-by-Row hop too! If you have travel plans to the north you are welcome to collect rows from New York shops too. We are quilters without borders! Check out the New York Facebook page by clicking here.

Grab your friends and your GPS!

This summer is going to be packed with quilting fun!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time For A Change

Lately, looking in the mirror I have had the feeling that it is time for a change. Someone needs to do something with my "look". I have had the same hairstyle, same make-up routine, same everything for a few years. Ok, maybe more than a few years. Someone requested a head shot of me the other day and I found my "publicity photo" in a file on my computer - the file was dated 2006. Is anyone thinking "stuck in the mud"?
I've checked around and it looks like I am in charge of the situation. I'm not sure why. I've proven over and over again that I am woefully unqualified in the hair and make-up department. Lindsay our youngest daughter performed with several professional choral groups as she was growing up. One required that the girls wear their hair in a French braid for all performances. Ouch. That meant that before every occasion Lindsay and I would both go into the bathroom armed with brushes, combs, spray, pins, clips and ponytail holders. We stayed there until one of us began to cry. There was a 50/50 chance on who would come to tears first. I can triple braid bias strips, macrame with my eyes closed, knit, crochet and weave but I can't braid hair and keep it from sliding all over the place.

My attitude toward having my hair done is exactly the same as going to the dentist, I just do it more frequently. My job in the dentist chair is to open my mouth and spit on demand. Reasonable expectations for someone with my qualifications. In the hair salon I willingly tilt my head up or down move from the styling chair to the sink and back as required. If I wanted to be more involved than that I wouldn't bother to seek out a professional.

My dentist doesn't look in my mouth and ask me how he should handle installing a new crown or replacing a filling. Why does Sara my stylist want my input if something should be a little shorter here or there. I haven't a clue! She is the one with the comb and scissors. Those of you that see me in person on a regular basis are now thinking "That explains a lot" aren't you?

In my half hearted attempt at finding a new "style" I mentioned to Sara the stylist that I was up for a change. Her response was "What did you have in mind?". Change Sara, change is what I had in mind. I have no idea what options are open to me. Just because I point to a look that appeals to me, doesn't mean I have the hair that will make it work on my head. Apparently it is my job to provide Sara with some visual aids.

The other day I popped in a DVD to keep me company while I was sewing. The movie was "Somethings Got To Give" with Diane Keaton. I like that movie. I love the beach house in that movie too, but that is beside the point. As is my opinion that she chooses the wrong guy at the end of the movie. My point is that I like her look in that film. I don't have the sparkling eyes or the award winning smile that she has and I could never wear white from head-to-toe without spilling something on myself, but I think I could pull off that hair. And heaven knows I'm a "turtleneck kind of gal".

The plan was to let Sara the stylist know I had found my new look. I would probably have to explain to Sara who Diane Keaton is. I'm not sure she knows any famous people over 50, but she does read People magazine. That was my plan.  The next time I found myself in Sara's chair I would be asking for the "Diane Keaton" do.

I was up late a few days later - still sewing - and Diane Keaton was a guest on The Tonight Show. Ackkkk! What happened to the soft, beautifully styled, sophisticated yet understated somethings-got-to-give Diane? Who replaced her with Goth, leather clad, black nails, fishnet stocking, poker straight hair Diane?

What if I ask for one and get the other? What if my ineptitude with a round brush means that no matter what I do I end up looking like Tonight Show Diane?
I think I will stay stuck in the mud a little longer.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quilt Sampler - again!

The spring issue of Quilt Sampler Magazine arrived today!  

You probably know Sampler as the magazine that features 10 fabulous quilt shops that are located all across the United States and Canada.  This issue actually features 11 - and the eleventh one is US!  We are the Encore Shop, the "where are they now" shop that they chose to check-in on for this issue.  It is very exciting!

Way - way - way back in 1997 when we were a very young shop, with just 3 years in the business our phone rang.  At that time it was Heidi Kaisand that called to tell me that we had been chosen to be featured.  I didn't believe her and it took several minutes for her to convince me that she was who she said she was.  From that moment on our business became a pretty wild ride.

I've had the pleasure of working with the Editors of American Patchwork & Quilting, Quilts and More and Quilt Sampler over the years so it wasn't a huge surprise when Jennifer Keltner, Editor of APQ called last fall.  However I wasn't expecting her to tell me we had been chosen to be the Encore Shop for this spring issue.  Immediately my brain began to whirl.  The photo shoot was scheduled for October, when the shop displays feature fall colors, leaf prints, holiday fabrics are on the front fixtures and there are ghosts and snowmen all around the shop.  To make the photos look seasonally appropriate we had some shifting to do!

In my world it goes without saying that in order for something to become clean and organized something else is going to become dirty and disheveled.  Getting the shop ready for the photo shoot was no different.  First we shifted all of the holiday fabrics to the shelves facing the back of the store.  Those are the red holiday tags you see dangling in the photo.

Next we collected all of the spring/summer quilts we could find and I called in a few extra from my designer friends.  It was like hanging my own private quilt show.  With tons of husband help to do the high ladder work it only took a few hours to arrange things and get everything hung.  The shop had to be looking good from every angle, because you never know where the photographer will choose to take the shots.  What I think looks great might not appeal to them.  For example, I loved this shot (without the step stool) but the Editor thought it looked "too workroom".

On the day of the photo shoot Tatiana the photographer, her assistant and the editor set-up the shots while we pretended that nothing special was going on.  It is fun to watch them work and see what appeals to the magazine eye and what works better in reality.  One of the things we love about our shop is the SIZE.  Compared to most we have massive floor space, lots of room for customers to move around and not feel claustrophobic.  In the magazine world photos of floor space is a big no-no.  Lots of time was spent deciding how to make us look spacious without showing too much floor.

Once they were finished there was nothing else to do but wait, keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.  Well, nothing but submit our project and instructions.  All of the Sampler Shops are asked to design something original for the magazine.  As the Encore shop I was asked to provide something small to feature.  I chose to update our Three Pocket Tote.  I added a new elastic closure and chain handle and made not one but three versions for them to showcase.  I also chose to quilt the fabric myself - on the Handi Quilter instead of using pre-quilted fabrics.

Now the issues have arrived, the shop and our project looks great and we get to celebrate and share the issue with you!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home & Trying To Catch Up

Sleeping in my own bed.  Working from my usual spot.  Staring at the never ending To-Do list.  My world is back to it's normal level of chaos, just the way I like it.

Don't get me wrong, the cruise was absolutely wonderful.  The students were great, friendly and very enthusiastic.  Cat Nix and I had a delightful time both on and off duty.  Deb from Stitchin Heaven Travel did everything possible to make the trip enjoyable for all involved.  I would highly recommend traveling with them if you are ever in the mood for a sewing vacation.

We spent 8 nights on the ship, 3 days teaching, 4 days in various ports and one day on each end helping to set-up or tear-down sewing machines.  Not a bad work week.

I have some fabulous photos from the trip, but I wanted to share my snapshot of this artwork that was on the ship.  It is a huge mosaic style piece that was at least 8 by 10 feet mounted on the wall between decks 10 and 11.  I absolutely love it and I want one of my own.  Can you tell what it is?
 Maybe this will help.

It was really hard to zoom in and get a good photo, but those are spools of THREAD!  They are small spools of Dual Duty thread suspended on vertical wires.  Technically speaking it is a counted cross stitch pattern done with whole spools instead of tiny
X's.  I love that!  If any of you decide to make one yourself - I'll be happy to special order the thread for you!

After the cruise I returned home - an uneventful trip I might add - on Sunday evening.  Spent Monday through Thursday in the shop and Friday headed out to spend the weekend with a group of customers on a Sewing Retreat for another 3 days and 2 nights of sewing and eating. 

Spring had better arrive soon so that I can get back to running because by the end of the cruise trip I had taught everyone in our group to order their own dessert another one to share and a scoop of ice cream on the side.  There was no shortage of sugar energy in our group!   

Meanwhile  back at home the photos of the Winter Mystery are still rolling in.  Isn't this version beautiful!  I love the piano key border.  I'm also really impressed that the quilts are finished, quilted and have the binding - a scrappy binding in this case - completed.  I'm going to have to spend more time at home to catch up with all of you!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Red Letter Day

Today is an excellent day in my world.

I've got no reason to complain.  I'm sitting in Ft. Lauderdale Florida where I will board a cruise ship tomorrow morning with 40+ other quilters and spend the next 8 days floating in the Caribbean waters teaching and sharing what makes Creative Grids products special.  It's my job.  Is there any wonder why I love it?

If that isn't enough to make one love life, Creative Grids chose today to release my new SCRAP CRAZY template set.  I am nuts about these templates - and I hope you will be too!

The idea for the templates really came from my customers.  I hear them comment all the time that they have too much fabric (there is no such thing) and they need to use some of it up.  Bingo!  Scrap quilts are the answer.  I know you don't really want to use those big pieces.  You know, the ones you are saving for something "special".  I also know that you hate to throw away any usable piece of fabric.  Scrap Crazy templates are the answer.

The basic idea of a Crazy Quilt is that all of the pieces are just scrapped together to form a larger piece.  The problem with that is sooner or later you get "up the creek" with set-in pieces or the fabric pieces become too large.  The Scrap Crazy templates were designed to give you the look of traditional Crazy Patch without the frustration.  All of the pieces fit back together perfectly and form an 8 inch finished block. 

The table runner above is the most traditional sample I've made.  The fabrics are silk, batik, cotton and rayon with a velvet border.  The embroidery was done by machine and I am still in the process of adding beads and buttons by hand.

Next I used the templates to make a larger quilt.  All batiks and all from my scrap bin.  I started by sorting my stash.  This time I planned the color placement.  Using the exact same templates and the exact same blocks the Scrap Crazy templates allowed me to turn the batik scraps above into this 84" by 102" quilt below.  The templates are even used for the pieced border.

But wait..... there's more!  What about pre-cuts?  I know that many of you have a stash of 10 inch squares that you have no idea what to do with.  You just loved the fabric collection.  The Scrap Crazy template set works with those too!  I made this baby quilt out of one pack of 10" batik squares.

Now for the part that I LOVE the most!  I designed the templates to work with your scraps, but that doesn't mean you can't use them to create beautiful designs.  This chevron quilt - same templates, but it was created using partial blocks.

Partial blocks, mirror image blocks, pinwheels, diamonds..... the possibilities are endless and in the coming weeks you are going to see a whole variety of patterns that can be created using the template set.

The template sets have just been released.  They sell for $22.95.  We have plenty of them on order and they should arrive in the shop any day.  The patterns for the projects are printed and ready to go.  If you would love to own a set, call the shop to order at 412-487-9532 or ask for them at a quilt shop near you!

More Winter Mystery

Janet finished her Winter Mystery and added another narrow border to the outside edge to finish off the sashing.  It looks GREAT!

Keep those photos coming!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Mystery DONE!

Jolene finished assembling her Winter Mystery and sent this note:

"I made my top one row longer so it will fit a twin bed. Each of the scrap fabrics is used only once in the large patches. I used a really eclectic mix of fabrics. I decided anything goes! The 11/2" squares were leftovers from a postage stamp quilt I recently made. I may add a border but I have to set it aside for now while I make a baby quilt.

I enjoyed taking a break with some simple piecing as I have been doing more complicated projects lately. I love how it turned out, so bright and cheerful!"

I love it!  It looks great with "anything goes".  Adding another row, and possibly a border to fit a bed is a great idea.  This looks like something that is going to be used and loved for many years to come.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Mystery Step 4

I'm sure by now you have figured it out! 

Janet Aradine was able to guess the next step correctly.  She sent several photos of her progress along the way.

Follow the steps below and the mystery will be solved.  EASY!  Now I only wish that converting photos from my email to my blogger account so that I can share them with you was as simple.  It seems that if you send them as an attachment I can grab them and share.  If you imbed them in the message it seems impossible to transfer them to Blogger.  I'm enjoying seeing Tracey, Jill, Ann, Lisa, Cathy, Donna and Carly's photos.  I will see if I can get some technical help to share them with you.

Terry Faust sent me not only this very organized photo of step 3, she also included a photo of another quilt that is absolutely beautiful!  Great job Terry!

Time for everyone to catch up!


1. Collect the remaining 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch accent strips and the scrap fabric rectangles.

2. Working with each individual block create a unit of two rectangles and one accent strip between them, matching the rectangle fabrics to the squares that are already assembled in the block. You will need to create each unit according to the fabrics in the individual blocks. No chain piecing here! Press the seams toward the scrap fabrics.

3. Stitch the units to the sides of the blocks matching the fabric scraps. Press the seams toward the outside edge of the block. These blocks will measure 9 1/2 inches including seam allowance.

4. Arrange the blocks in 8 rows of 7 block each. Alternate the direction of every other block so that the only the sashing seams align. If you pressed correctly these seams will nest.

5. Stitch the blocks together in rows. Pressing the seams in opposite directions in each row. Stitch the rows together to form the completed top.

6. Take a photo and send it - as an attachment to me at!

7. Layer the quilt top with the batting and backing and quilt as desired. Trim the batting and backing even with the top.

8. Cut 7 strips 2 1/4 inches by the width of the fabric. Stitch the strips together end-to-end on a 45 degree angle. Fold and press. Pin the binding to the edge of the quilt with the raw edges even, mitering the corners. Stitch in place by machine. Fold the binding over the edge to the back of the quilt and stitch in place by hand.



Now that the mystery is over, it is time for me to get packing.  I'm on the "road" again, teaching on a quilting cruise for Stitchin Heaven for the first 10 days in March.  I know, I know, tough job, but someone has to do it - why not me?

I expect all of those Winter Mystery projects to be finished when I get home!