Friday, March 1, 2013

Red Letter Day

Today is an excellent day in my world.

I've got no reason to complain.  I'm sitting in Ft. Lauderdale Florida where I will board a cruise ship tomorrow morning with 40+ other quilters and spend the next 8 days floating in the Caribbean waters teaching and sharing what makes Creative Grids products special.  It's my job.  Is there any wonder why I love it?

If that isn't enough to make one love life, Creative Grids chose today to release my new SCRAP CRAZY template set.  I am nuts about these templates - and I hope you will be too!

The idea for the templates really came from my customers.  I hear them comment all the time that they have too much fabric (there is no such thing) and they need to use some of it up.  Bingo!  Scrap quilts are the answer.  I know you don't really want to use those big pieces.  You know, the ones you are saving for something "special".  I also know that you hate to throw away any usable piece of fabric.  Scrap Crazy templates are the answer.

The basic idea of a Crazy Quilt is that all of the pieces are just scrapped together to form a larger piece.  The problem with that is sooner or later you get "up the creek" with set-in pieces or the fabric pieces become too large.  The Scrap Crazy templates were designed to give you the look of traditional Crazy Patch without the frustration.  All of the pieces fit back together perfectly and form an 8 inch finished block. 

The table runner above is the most traditional sample I've made.  The fabrics are silk, batik, cotton and rayon with a velvet border.  The embroidery was done by machine and I am still in the process of adding beads and buttons by hand.

Next I used the templates to make a larger quilt.  All batiks and all from my scrap bin.  I started by sorting my stash.  This time I planned the color placement.  Using the exact same templates and the exact same blocks the Scrap Crazy templates allowed me to turn the batik scraps above into this 84" by 102" quilt below.  The templates are even used for the pieced border.

But wait..... there's more!  What about pre-cuts?  I know that many of you have a stash of 10 inch squares that you have no idea what to do with.  You just loved the fabric collection.  The Scrap Crazy template set works with those too!  I made this baby quilt out of one pack of 10" batik squares.

Now for the part that I LOVE the most!  I designed the templates to work with your scraps, but that doesn't mean you can't use them to create beautiful designs.  This chevron quilt - same templates, but it was created using partial blocks.

Partial blocks, mirror image blocks, pinwheels, diamonds..... the possibilities are endless and in the coming weeks you are going to see a whole variety of patterns that can be created using the template set.

The template sets have just been released.  They sell for $22.95.  We have plenty of them on order and they should arrive in the shop any day.  The patterns for the projects are printed and ready to go.  If you would love to own a set, call the shop to order at 412-487-9532 or ask for them at a quilt shop near you!

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