Sunday, August 4, 2013

Have You Gone Scrap Crazy Yet?

When is the last time that you purchased a product that put your creative thinking in high gear?  I'm thrilled to say that my Scrap Crazy Template Set from Creative Grids has reached the Top 10 Best Selling Notions!  YEA!!!
Earlier this year I shared with you the introduction of my Scrap Crazy Template Set.  I have to admit that I knew in the design process that we were creating something special.  Each time I looked at the templates I had another idea for how to use them. 
Once I had prototypes in my hand I started to work through the math and cutting instructions.  A whole world of possibilities opened up when I realized that I could cut all of the pieces I need for one block from one ten inch square.  That means that every Layer Cake that you own is now a Scrap Crazy kit - with little or no waste!
Timeless Treasures then introduced new "6 Packs", six inch strips of batik fabrics that also work perfectly with the template set.  Suddenly I couldn't sew fast enough to get all of my ideas into patterns to share with you!  It doesn't matter if you are sewing with pre-cut fabrics or from your overflowing scrap basket, there are a multitude of ways to combine the templates into beautiful quilts.  I think that versatility is the ultimate key to their success.
Creative Grids has a "rule" that they won't introduce a new product until they have at least 3 support patterns to go along with it.  No problem!  I quickly created a Minky backed baby quilt using a pack of batik 10 inch squares.  Next came a Keepsake Pillow, all done in white, with ribbons, lace inserts and lots of decorative stitching.  Then I ventured into block projects, partial blocks, rectangles and creating tessellated, diamond, chevron and pinwheel designs.
Each pattern offers you the opportunity to learn something special.  Working with partial blocks, cutting from purchased fabrics rather than scraps, using mirror image pieces, something other than the basic block instructions.  But how many individual patterns do you really need? 
I expected you to get creative!  You don't have to play with the templates for long before you realize that you can cut the shapes from anything, including smaller scraps and strips that you have sewn together to make a larger sheet of fabric.
Still, the number one question that I get from customers is "Do you have a pattern for that"?
Enter the Scrap Crazy Playbook!  I've been busy writing and sewing seven new projects to include in one 12 page booklet that has all of the basic information, finishing instructions, charts and requirements. For some of the projects I have included several sizes.  Whew!  I'm down to the home stretch in editing and the new Scrap Crazy Playbook should be available to purchase at the end of August.
Then, just when I thought I had covered everything another idea popped into my head.  Scrap Crazy blocks are 8 1/2 inches (8" when finished)  Erin Underwood's new Diamond Ruler is 8 1/2 inches.......  I think there is a Scrap Crazy Lone Star in my future!
From time to time I get an email with a photo attached from someone that has used one of my patterns or rulers to make something special.  I LOVE to get those emails.  I'm sending this shout-out to all Scrap Crazy fans!  I want to see - so that I can share the photos here - pictures of what you are making.  Large, small, finished or in-the-works, you can email the photos to:


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Our Gone Scrap Crazy quilt knocked it out of the park in our first MLQ match up.  We have won the first round, but there are plenty more to go.  We will be competing against Suzanne's Quilt Shop in round 2 in September.  I will keep you posted and make sure I extend a personal invitation to the game.  Meanwhile keep logging in to vote for your favorite quilt on the MLQ website.