Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I hope all of you are enjoying the long holiday weekend. It is a bit chilly here in the 'burgh for full blown summer activities like swimming, but the sun is shining and we should hit the mid 60's later today. Darn good quilting weather if you ask me.

Once again my husband and I have chosen to celebrate the official start to summer by attending PyroFest. An amazing tribute to all things that light up the night sky that is held in the park just around the corner from our store. Trust me, this daylong event isn't your grandmother's fireworks display. This is an amazing spectacle of color and design that is timed to music on an enormous scale. The gorgeous displays are interspersed with live music performances and fun activities for kids. In the daylight hours the fireworks include a powdery substance that creates what look like chalk painting in the sky. If hunger strikes, the park grounds are surrounded by the festival favorites, funnel cakes, fresh lemonade, ice cream and Gyro vendors. As darkness falls the unbelievable spectacle begins. It is something that has to be experienced in person. We here in western PA love our colorful explosions and if you are a fireworks fan, this is an event not to be missed.

Why am I sharing this experience with you? Because I have decided to commemorate PyroFest in quilting. Our shop is one of over 50 stores in the state of Pennsylvania that is participating in the Pennsylvania Row-by-Row Shop Hop this summer. Beginning July 1st and running through September 2nd you can stop in any of the participating shops and pick up a FREE pattern for a 36" row to make a row-by-row quilt. No registration, no participation fee, no hoops to jump through, just ask for the FREE pattern and it is yours. How fun is that?

Naturally there will be prizes! As a participant your job is to collect at least 8 rows for your quilt. Make the rows, assemble and finish the quilt. To "win" all you need to do is be the first person to bring your finished quilt to one of the participating stores and you will be awarded a FREE bundle of 25 FAT QUARTERS! Only one prize will be awarded per participating store but that also means that with 50+ participating shops there are 50+ bundles to be won!

Each shop has been asked to design a 36 inch row that has commemorates a festival that is held in their area for this event. I've chosen PyroFest! Our 36 by 6 inch strip features bright batiks in the night sky. Stop in the shop to pick up the FREE pattern after July 2nd (when the hop officially begins). You can also purchase a kit that includes the pattern, fabric and foundation papers for the star points for only $8.

To find a list of participating shops and see the rows as they are designed you can follow the Pennsylvania Row-by-Row Shop Hop on Facebook. As the summer progresses we will also be posting photos of the people that finish their quilts and claim the 25 FAT QUARTER PRIZE in each store. Start planning your summer travel now!

If that isn't enough fun. The state of New York is hosting a Row-by-Row hop too! If you have travel plans to the north you are welcome to collect rows from New York shops too. We are quilters without borders! Check out the New York Facebook page by clicking here.

Grab your friends and your GPS!

This summer is going to be packed with quilting fun!