Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I realize that more than one Wednesday has whizzed by without my posting a photo of my design wall.  I can't really use "I'm busy" as an excuse, because when am I  NOT busy?  I'm actually just dealing with your average October craziness. 

International Quilt Market is about a week away and there are patterns to publish, instructions to proof and samples to finish to show off my two new rulers from Creative Grids.  I've been having a ball playing with my new toys and I can't wait to share them with you!  Triangle Squared is on the left and the Perfect Rectangle on the right.  Both of them will be coming to an independent quilt shop near you very soon!

One of the finished Table Runners "Any 12 Will Do"
Several projects are stitched, quilted, bound and already on their way to Market for display.  This is a photo of the stragglers still on the design wall.  These are the projects that don't have to be finished before I leave town, but I still have hope that I can squeeze in a few more hours of sewing before next Monday!

The one on the right is a second colorway of a pattern I am calling Keystone.  It uses both rulers.  The kids quilt on the left is called Sawtooth Squares and will eventually have nine blocks and a bright blue border.  It uses only the Triangle in a Square ruler.

This is the aftermath of the finished quilts.  Little piles of leftovers, discarded test blocks, scraps for the scrap bin, mistakes, bolts that didn't make the cut or contained more than I needed.  What you can't see are the threads, pins, snipped dog-ears and other goodies that will clog my vacuum cleaner when I do get around to cleaning up.  I try to make a point of doing that before I leave so that I come home to a room worth working in. 

Next Wednesday I will be in Florida, lecturing and teaching for a guild in Port St. Luci.  Then it is straight to Houston for Quilt Market.  I will be posting goodies to The Quilt Company Facebook page and I promise to share what I find as soon as I get home.