Monday, October 6, 2008

11 days?

I have a confession to make.

The sample yardage of my new fabric line arrived 11 days ago. UPS walked in with a very early morning delivery just a few hours before I left on a retreat weekend with customers. That's a photo of us having breakfast at the retreat center. Nice huh? There is nothing better than sitting down to a civilized meal then getting up, walking away from the dishes and clean-up to go back to sewing until the next meal is served!

You better believe I took that box of new fabrics with me! I've got deadlines! Sample yardage is at a premium. It is all that is available in the country until the bolt yardage arrives weeks later. You have to be careful not to "goof". Normally I would make all of the large and important samples first, but in the last minute rearranging of the projects I packed for the weekend I forgot to take some of the important elements (like notions and rulers) to the retreat. That meant I had to start with the scrappier pieces and work my way up to the big ones, without using any of the yardage I would eventually need for the large pieces, even though I had no idea what yardage I would need because I hadn't designed them yet! Are you confused? Me too.
I did manage to put the body of this project, which will be the free handout quilt from Timeless, together. The prints are positive/negative and it looks very peaceful in person. The white fabric for the large border should be arriving today.
I've also finished the "theme" quilt for the Refresh line and I am working on a combination project using the tan Counterpoint pieces in combination with the Refresh line. I will be photographing those later today before they go to the quilters and will post them, tomorrow? Whew, this daily posting thing isn't easy.

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