Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where's Waldo?

My BFF Bernie has a sleeping problem. (That’s Best Friend Forever, for those of you that don't have a teenager in your house. We’ve been friends for about 20 years, a lot longer than terms like BFF have been around). Bernie lives in Florida and we keep in touch, almost daily, by email, wonderful, hysterical emails. If we ever really want to be rich and famous, we could publish those emails, but our families would never forgive us.

The other morning my email contained a message from Bernie titled “Where’s Waldo?” It seems she was having trouble sleeping and had been up surfing quilting websites and reading blogs at 4am. Bernie considered this a total waste of time, but as a fellow fabric designer I have convinced her to chalk it up to research. It doesn’t help with the lack of sleep, but it does make you feel better about being awake.

Bernie had sent me this link: and told me to scroll to the July 24th entry and look at the photo, where I found this photo of quilts laid out on the floor.
It is a nice photo of the quilts that are going to be included in the next addition of Alex Anderson's “Start Quilting” book. The blog belongs to Alex’s “stunt quilter”, the person that does all of the actual work behind Alex’s quilts. My first thought as I looked at the pile of work on my own sewing center was “I gotta get one of those”.
Bernie had told me to enlarge the photo, so I double clicked and realized what old eagle eye Bernie had wanted me to see! The border on the Flying Geese quilt is the leaf print from my Lindsay Collection! How cool is THAT? Logically I know that with thousands of yards of fabrics out in the world there are all kind of quilts and other projects with my fabrics in them, but it is always a surprised when I see one.

I was sure that photo was what Bernie had wanted me to see until I went back to the blog to snitch the photo to include here and I scrolled down a little further and saw the cover of the new book! Whoo Hoo! We made the cover! Even better, the leaf design is my favorite print and the blue is my favorite colorway in the Lindsay line. Although the fabrics have been discontinued, we stashed away a stockpile of that fabric and will have it available for customers when the books arrive.
Life is good.


Sweet P said...

How cool to have your fabric in a quilt in a book! Congrats!

bmayer said...

Ha!! Some Eagle Eye I am.....I didnt even notice it on the book cover....In fact I first noticed it two photo's up from that one...the one where Alex has her arms spread in a "Ta Da" pose.