Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has anyone seen my XML.dll file?

The error message clearly says "Set up XML.dll is missing from computer" and I want it back.

Where could it possibly have gone and who would have taken it? The good Lord knows that I NEVER delete anything from my computer, I rarely trash the emails I receive let alone something as scary sounding as a XML.dll file. All I wanted to do was upgrade my Corel program. It should have been as simple as inserting the pretty little disk into the correct drive and listening to it whir as beautiful things happened, but it wasn't.

This whole thing started two days ago and I have once again been sucked into computer hell. I've installed, uninstalled, booted, rebooted, trashed, fixed, dialed help lines, allowed people to remotely walk their fingers through my electronic files and I am now, 2 full days later, exactly where I started - only worse off. Things have been trashed that I now have to re-install just to get back to the sorry state I was in two days ago pre-upgrade attempt.

Then the following invitation popped into my email:

"We are pleased to announce that Bill Gates, Co-Chair and Trustee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Chairman of Microsoft Corporation will be a keynote speaker at the annual WIRED Business Conference, occouring in New York on May 3, 2011.

yadda, yadda, yadda,

Price $1895 - for lunch or possibly dinner, the invitation doesn't really say.

It is almost worth it. If I knew for sure that there would be a question and answer period I could fly to NY, attend the event and ask Mr. Microsoft himself why the heck these things always happen to ME and demand he restore my watchamacallit file! I would probably be taken out in handcuffs.

The invitation says that Martha Stewart will also be there. Maybe I can just get Martha to slap him upside the head?

All kidding aside, if I had the time to make a trip to New York, it would have been to see this:

A definate WOW in the quilting world.


di said...

Yikes! Hate it when my XML.dll file goes missing - out there running amok with other XML.dll files! Maybe Mr. Gates has an extra one he can loan you! Sorry you are having computer problems, but Thank You for the link to the Times article! What a wonderful show - I wish I could have seen it! The displays are stunning!!!

Pat said...

Mine is missing too. Are there dll gremlins out there targeting quilters? Is this a conspiracy foisted on us by other, jealous crafters? Knitters maybe? Scrapbookers? Inquiring minds want to know!~

bmayer said...

Surprisingly, John knew about the NY show!...someone from work asked him if I was going.