Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quilt Market Countdown

It's that time of year again.

Quilt Market season. Twice each year everyone in the quilting industry heads for the largest convention in the industry. This month we will make the trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to search for beautiful fabrics, innovative patterns, the very best new notions on the market. Right now, those of us that design for the marketplace are scrambling like crazy to finish and perfect our newest offerings.

Would you like a sneak preview at mine?

This is my newest pattern. I'm calling it "Old Dog, New Tricks". I think the name is perfect, because after 18+ years in the industry, I think I probably qualify as an "Old Dog". The project is made using the Quick Trim Ruler that I designed for Creative Grids and that ruler is capable of teaching even the most experienced quilter a few new tricks!

My original idea for the ruler was to eliminate having to draw all of those pesky lines when you clip corners on blocks like flying geese.

It certainly does that, but it also does a whole lot more!

For "Old Dog, New Tricks" you also use it to draw circles!

Keep in mind that this is a sneak preview. The pattern isn't ready yet, it is still in the proof reading stage, I have nine more days until Market - why hurry?

If you aren't familiar with the Quick Trim Ruler, you can check out the Creative Grids video on YouTube by clicking here:


blop said...

Love your new ruler!! The "other" Karen...Snyder, that is, did a wonderful demo at her last retreat and it was a WINNER!! I think everyone there purchased it! What a great innovation!!! Keep 'em comin' you Ol Dog...meant in the best way!!!

Martina said...

I just stumbled on your blog and have to say, love everything about this pattern. My Husband's grandmother and aunts are all very dedicated to quilting & I have just started to try my hand at it at their insistence.

Really this is great, truly inspiring!