Monday, August 25, 2008


From the looks of this blog, you would think that I wasn't getting much sewing accomplished. You would probably be right. I completed this project for Timeless and am shipping it off to be photographed today. I still have to make a larger version of the same pattern with borders. I’m thinking of scrambling the colors in the larger piece and having it shade from dark on the bottom to light on the top, but that is going to take some thought and I just can’t concentrate on anything that creative right now.

My oldest daughter is getting married September 5th in Cincinnati. Many of the last minute details are falling to me, like the wedding cake, decorations for the reception, helping with the food for the open house they are hosting. Don’t get me wrong, I volunteered for these details, it is just that they are all things that need to be done at the last minute and that “minute” is looming ever closer, but not quite close enough to get started.

For those of you that are wondering, no, I didn’t make them a wedding quilt. I considered it, but they are still in the “deciding” stage of combining their taste and figuring out what they want to live with. Their bedroom was going to be dark red, then green, now it is blue. Both of them favor contemporary, but not in an Amy Butler style, they prefer more of a minimalist look. Jon loves black and white photography, clean lines and has a very artistic eye. Lauren loves a classic uncluttered look (both of my girls wanted to grow up to be Audrey Hepburn). Jon may have been a bit concerned that his new mother-in-law might force a “granny quilt” of calico squares and triangles on him. I think he has gotten over that fear, but we are going to take this relationship one step at a time. I’m not planning to be a meddling mother in law – at least until the grandchildren arrive!

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