Monday, August 11, 2008


Ahhh. I'm on vacation. Just my husband and myself on an island for 10 whole days! We have very limited internet access, so dont expect to hear much from me until after the 19th. It's nothing but R&R from now until then.

The plan is to do ALMOST nothing. It is amazing what thoughts pop into your head when you are floating around totally relaxed, face down in the water (with a snorkle of course!) just watching the fish. I've managed to mentally design the free handout project for the Refresh line and have an awsome idea for the Counterpoint line. I also have several great ideas for new blender prints for a line I'm working on for spring of '09......

Pam W, who named the Counterpoint line is an unbelievably talented woman. It occoured to me that maybe Pam should design a pattern to go with that line too. Pam, if you're reading this - put your thinking cap on!

In the mean time, as they say, here is your moment of "zen" so that you can enjoy our vacation too!


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PG Wagner said...

Thinking cap is on and whirling...thanks!