Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A clean slate.

On the off chance that you have been wondering what I’ve been up to instead of posting to the blog, I though I would fill you in.

I have been busy creating a “clean slate” in my kitchen. It’s been months since I took the first pieces of wallpaper down so that our new counters could be installed. I was pressed for time, so I just removed the pieces that were absolutely necessary for the countertop instillation. I intended to get right back to it…. As it turns out the next opportunity I had to roll up my sleeves and get to work was just a few days ago. I finished removing the border from the bulkhead last weekend. Needless to say the kitchen has been more “shabby” than “chic” all summer long.

In the mean time I was busy collecting paint and paper swatches for the big “re-do”. Numerous combinations were vetoed by my husband (who has a degree in biology) and our daughter (who is 17 and I’ve decided is not old enough to vote unless she agrees with me). Finally I just decided to JUST DO IT. Too much time had been spent fretting over color choices and possibilities.

Spa blue is beautiful, but not a kitchen color. Gold is nice, but there isn’t enough contrast with the cabinets. Green… we have too much green in the house already. I've been forbidden to paint anything else beige by the entire family. Combination after combination was stuck to the wall for a few days, then trashed and replaced with another. I lived with paper I really didn’t like for 12 years (My husband firmly believes that ALL kitchen wallpaper should have fruit or tea kettles on it. You are probably wondering why I would agree to something like that? Because marriage is about compromise.)

When you work with color all day, everyday, spending most of the time creating unique combinations, selecting just ONE to live with is actually very hard. The possibilities are endless. It’s been 12 years since we did the original decorating; the thought of selecting just ONE color to live with is daunting. TWELVE YEARS! What if we are too busy to redecorate for another 12? I could have several grandchildren by then – school age grandchildren! …. Well I hope they like red.

That is what I’ve decided. Red on the wall behind the sink to balance the fireplace, creamy tan on the other walls and a contemporary (at least it looks contemporary at this moment) paper for the bulkhead to tie the whole thing together. I ordered the paper, matched the swatches for paint and stripped, cleaned, scrubbed and made ready for the big re-do, totally satisfied that I was making the right decision.

My husband walked in and said “I like it white, let’s leave it this way”. That man would be perfectly comfortable living in a large sterile box. Too bad. The red is ready to go.


Anonymous said...

I miss your green sink. By the way, who says spa blue isnt a kitchen color??? If there were such a color as spa blue/green, that would be my kitchen....with maple cabinets..its stunning. As long as you're in kitchen design mode, got any ideas for my backsplash????Its been 4 years since "the great re-model". Oh thats havent been to visit....

Anonymous said...

I love red kitchens ... I had one a number of years ago and I truly think it was the feature that SOLD my house when it came time for that event. Your color combination and description(s) sound wonderful ... should look great with the cabinets and countertops. Good for you!! Share a picture of the end result result with us, okay?

PG Wagner said...

The more you love color, the harder it is to choose. I once stood in Bed, Bath & Beyond almost in tears because I couldn't choose a color of towels for my sterile box white bathroom. (Renting doesn't allow for paint or wallpaper unfortunately.) I opted for.....white! Zzzzzzz. Of course that lasted for about eight those towels are screamin' lime green! Who knew?!

banjo795 said...

Whoever spends most of the time in the kitchen gets to choose the color! So if your hubby doesn't cook, he gets no choice in the matter!

Kris said...

You will love your red kitchen! I had one, until we moved a couple years ago. I keep threatening to paint my new one, but for now, it's sterile, white. Yuck!