Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wet, Wild & Wonderful

Deb and I spent the weekend in Bridgeport West Virginia
vending and teaching at theMillennium Quilt Guild Show.
I'm not sure that the department of tourism person that selected that catchy 'wet, wild & wonderful" phrase has ever been to Bridgeport.

We lucked out on the "wet", the weather was beautiful (although I spent most of the weekend teaching in the air conditioned Benedum Civic Center and Debby spent most of hers in the non-airconditioned high school gym).

Wild? Hardly. Bridgeport comes very close to quintessential small town America. This weekend they were also hosting a huge golf tournament, so the community plans lots of other activities for the people to participate in. The Lion's Club was roasting chicken and corn. There was a 5K run, a pet parade, a festival of games and food. We also got to meet the festival Queen with members of her court, the youngest of whom was about 9. They looked very cute walking around in their gowns and tiaras. It was small town America at it's best.

Wonderful.... Heres a glimps of the most wonderful thing I saw all weekend!

This quilt was judged "Best of Show" - for good reason. The 12 blocks feature unique baskets that are hand embroidered and embellished with silk ribbon and beads. Then the blocks are framed and sashed with an ombre fabric (it shades from one color to another).

If that isn't enough to impress, it's also hand quilted.
In a cross hatch pattern.
Every 1/2 inch.
It is wonderful.

Deb had a great time socializing with the other vendors and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to teach the classes and present the lectures that the guild requested. It's an honor to be asked to travel and teach and I always enjoy the opportunity to see what quilters are up to in other parts of the country.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt, Karen ~ thanks for sharing. LOVE to see quilts from the shows that I can't get to. Sounds like a great weekend!

GranmaRu said...

Gorgeous quilt. I have trouble getting the 'use every day' quilts done, can't imagine doing something like that one - but guess she also doesn't use it except for shows, etc. Know you are a great teacher, so glad you had a great weekend. RA

Edith said...

Hello everyone, I made the basket quilt that took 'Best of Show' at the Millenium Quilt Show in Bridgeport, WV. The patterns were designed by Karen Phillips Shwallon from Grindstone, PA. I love doing hand work, especially embroidery work. The quilt was made for one of my grandchildren and I hope they will cherish it as much as I do. I hope the gradkids treat their quilts as an heirloom and not use for everyday. I plan to wait until they are a lot older before I give them their quilt.

Edith Shaver