Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I tried to be nice about the weather. I was being opened minded when I said that the sun and showers and temperature swings were a nice mix. Now I’ve had it – or we’ve had it, “IT” being too much rain. I think we are all starting to mold! Rain is one thing, but daily torrential downpours are quite another. Enough! I want it to stop!

Hopefully the weather this weekend will be nice for the Millennium Quilt Show in Bridgeport West Virginia. Deb and I will be vending there and I am the featured teacher. If you are in the area, stop by to say hello, we would love to meet you.

The official update on naming the new fabric line is “we haven’t decided”. We are close, I’ve narrowed it down, but once you select a few ideas you have to research them. We not only want to eliminate any unfortunate word associations but we also have to eliminate any confusion. For example, one suggestion was for “Brandenburg” which also happens to be the last name of Barbara, another fabric designer/author. If you Google the fabric name, I want you to come up with me, not another person that works for another company (although Barbara is a talented person and it would be a pleasure to be found in her company). It also takes quite a bit of time to research what names the other fabric companies have been using or have recently advertised You can’t just Google “Midnight Garden” and have it pop up “That was a fabric line designed by Karen Montgomery several seasons ago’. You have to actually tread through the major fabric sites, recent fabric history and really do some digging. You also need to eliminate any unfortunate associations. It’s the World Wide Web out there and those nasty porn people have a weird way of infiltrating things and making some word associations that any normal person would NEVER think of. It pays to be careful; I certainly don’t want a typo in your search for my fabric line to land you somewhere you definitely don’t want to be!

I do appreciate all of the great suggestions, both on and off line. I got a kick out of several of them. The person that suggested I name the floral group “Bernie” was my best friend Bernie from Florida. Sorry Bern, this art is a little too serene for your personality! If I every do a line with flamingos – you’re on!

Among other things Barb O suggested that I name it after a famous Pittsburgh person or perhaps my grandmother. I got a kick out of the grandmother suggestion; Barb had no way of knowing my grandmother’s name was Gladys!

The Monday deadline for the name was extended just a bit because of my request to resize a few of the pieces, but we have to let the print factory know by Friday (the name is printed on the selvedge edge) so that they can start the engraving. I will have a definitive answer for you by next week, after a fun filled weekend in the Bridgeport West Virginia High School Gymnasium. (April Cornell named her most recent line “Portugal” which I am certain had something to do with writing off her travels for business. You can rest assured I will not be calling the new line “high school gym”)!




banjo795 said...

I hear that it is nice and sunny and hot in Pittsburgh this week. Which drives me nuts, since I'm in Florida on vacation. It is RAINING! and it is supposed to rain the rest of the week. How unfair is that? I should have left hubby go to his class at NASA by himself and used my vacation days to stay home and sew all week. (grumb. But I did find some nice quilt stores in the area. I got soaking wet going to and from them, because I don't have a car here and had to take the bus (sigh). Taking public transportation during non-rush hours is an enlightening experience. I learned that I'd rather walk!

banjo795 said...

That last post was supposed to say
(grumble), not (grumb. Oh well, I guess the fingers are working faster than the brain again.