Monday, February 2, 2009

Wasn’t that a great game????

I just love those Steelers. It is easy to love a group of down to earth, team players that never give up, love what they do and are very thankful for their fans. The Rooney family has lots to be proud of and the Steeler Nation is exceptionally proud of our home town family.

There was no Super Bowl big party for me. I like to actually watch the game and I can’t do that and socialize at the same time. Not to mention, if the party were at my house I would have to be the hostess-with-the-mostess and spend my time filling drinks and serving food. Nope. Dinner was served in front of the TV and then it was just my husband (whose comments during the game should not always be voiced in public) my daughter, who understands then need to “send good vibes”, me in my #7 jersey and these Steeler M&M’s! Aren’t they adorable? Lee Ann, taught a mystery class that included lunch in the shop on Saturday and I loved these M&M’s so much she gave me the leftovers.

The Mystery class was great fun. The students arrived with fabric rectangles cut from their stash and the first step in the mystery process was to run the rectangles through our AccuQuilt machine to cut the required squares. They certainly didn’t see that coming!

Looking over the past posts, I’ve pretty much kept what I am working on a secret. That isn’t intentional. I just haven’t had the time to photograph the finished pieces. I have 5 new quilts to create and 5 new patterns to publish. The projects are to compliment an “auto ship” of batik fabrics for Timeless Treasures. The requirements are that each quilt must use 10 of the “solid” fabrics from the Tonga batik line. There will be five quilts and each of the quilts must use 10 different fabrics. Ten, no more, no less. There must not be any overlap in color. Once I have used a color in one quilt, I can not use it again…. Talk about a Mystery!

One last thing, they must be beautiful, easy to make and finished as soon as possible…… no problem, I’m from The City of Champions!


Sweet P said...

I'm with you on watching the Super Bowl game (or any football game for that matter). Me, my husband, my son and his wife is the normal crowd at our house on Sundays. If anyone comes over they had better be prepared to watch football and not want to do anything else.

It was a good game, but I was rooting for the Cards. Congrats to the Steelers for winning.

banjo795 said...

I know what you mean about vibes - DH had the room all decked out with Terrible Towels and the Steeler afghan I made right after we were married. (That's when I was into crocheting and knitting, not quilting. It's OK, now I've seen the light....) Anyway - What a nail-biter! I think that it would have been a fantastic game to watch if you weren't rooting for either team. I had to get up and walk away a couple times because I couldn't stand the suspense!