Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Advertising

I’m sensing a theme here.

I was up very early this morning and turned on the local news. A Pittsburgh woman is offering to sell advertising space on her body in exchange for tickets to the Super Bowl. Her reasoning is that advertising at the Super Bowl is extremely expensive and she is willing to wear your ad, emblazoned on her body (and car) before, during and after the game. Hmm. Nice try. The offer might be a bit more attractive if, well, the advertising space were a bit more attractive. She might want to contact NationWIDE insurance to see if they are interested......... Forget I said that… it’s just mean.

While discussing my sock rant, my daughter reminded me that a year or two ago someone was trying to sell ad space on eggs. Not Easter eggs, just the good ole everyday white chicken eggs that you probably have in the fridge right now. The idea was that as you cooked breakfast the eggs could have cute little pictures and clips like “Wake up with Eyewitness News”. Not a bad idea. I would especially enjoy this campaign if they had actual photos of news anchors right on the eggs. Who wouldn’t enjoy cracking open Katie Couric’s head and scrambling her brains over a high heat? ….. That comment is probably a bit over the top too, huh?

Perhaps I’m a bit cranky today. Well what do you expect? The weather genius on every local station has predicted snow and freezing rain for today and a probable 3-5 inches tonight into tomorrow. Meanwhile I’m praying for a mere 40 degrees. I want winter to be OVER and if it can’t end, then keep the white stuff on the ski slopes. How on earth do those people in Minnesota do it?

Now I think Ill go finish my coffee and remind my husband to site in his shot gun. That pesky varmint in Punxsutawney will be sticking his head out of his hole next week and I want to be ready.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you! This winter has been WAY too cold
here in Western PA! I want some sun and signs
of Spring!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh especially with the thought of advertising on eggs and scrambling the contents. LOLOL.

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Sounds like someone had a little "razor blade soup" for lunch! Loved your witty comments! And even though we've yet to see snow in Atlanta this year, I'm sick of the 18 degree temps and cold, rainy, dreary days, too! Bring on the sunshine! And good luck Steelers!

SandyQuilts said...

You said
Who wouldn’t enjoy cracking open Katie Couric’s head and scrambling her brains over a high heat? …..

.... someone already did it and heat isn't necessary.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to rub it in, but HELLO from sunny Florida, Tampa Bay to be exact! It is great to be a Steeler fan here in the midst of all the Super Bowl excitement, but I miss all the hometown coverage of the fan's antics leading up to the big game. GO STEELERS!

Especially when I am in Florida and can't experience your wit first-hand, I enjoy reading your blog for your writing, raving or ranting, what ever the case may be. There's no doubt that you could also have another full-time career in creative writing.

Hi Deb! I glad you are doing well!
See you in June!


banjo795 said...

My, aren't we grouchy today? LOL! Me, too! I woke up this morning and listened to the weather and traffic and decided that I'M SICK OF WINTER. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just stay home and sew, but unfortunately, I have to work for a living. The people in Minnesota can handle it because it is FLAT out there, and they don't to have to navigate the Western Pennsylvania hills. I mean, where else but Pittsburgh do they have city streets that are STEPS? OK, my rant is over and I'm going back to work. Tell your husband to practioe, we don't want him missing!

Debbie at QP said...

I am assuming the Sandy who left the previous comment is our beloved Sandy and both of you made me laugh out loud with your Katie comments!

And Karen, you might want to lay off the caffiene a bit . . . LOL