Thursday, January 15, 2009

Body Parts

Those of you that are "regular" customers that shop in our store or any of you that place orders on our internet site are very familiar with Debby, my store manager. Deb is a wonderfully plesant, efficient, multi-tasker that is part elf and part energizer bunny. I often feel like she is also the other half of my brain.
Debby had foot surgery on Friday. Elective surgery and she is doing very well, but doctors orders are that she spend an entire week with her foot "up" and an additional 2 weeks "non-weight bearing". Deb is receiving excellent medical care. I on the other hand feel as if my right arm has been chopped off and I'm having a bit of a hard time stemming the bleeding! Being me on a daily basis is enough to handle, but being me AND being Debby is just too much to ask. Deb on the other hand is "sitting" at home wondering what we are screwing up in her absense. She also has plenty of time to keep an eye on my blogging and my e-updates, so if you would like to send Deb get well wishes, feel free to post a comment here on the blog, I KNOW she will read it.
In the mean time I've managed to figure out how to make the background of the blog white for easier reading. We've been busy in the shop packing new kits, filling orders and I've been catching up on my instruction writing. We have also been cutting every piece of black and gold fabric up to make Steeler Quilts! We need ALL of you to root for a Pittsburgh Steeler victory on Sunday for several reasons. First, this city LOVES their football team. A Steeler win means everyone in town will be in a great mood for a solid 2 weeks. Then we have a shot at the Super Bowl. Second, my son is a bartender in Baltimore where he takes a lot of heat for being a Steeler fan. Those silly purple bird fans have to learn to show some respect for the Steeler Nation!


Anonymous said...

well let me be the first to comment....Get well soon, I know you are what keeps TQC going! (sorry Karen) Make sure you are ready to party by the time I get to Pgh.
ps directions are written AND sent!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb - Heal quickly! We don't want the quilt company to go to He!! in a hand basket..... Anyway, would you consider binding a few quilts while you relax on the couch?????
Take care, Jane O.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
The good part of your sedentary situation I know were you will be for the Steeler game. We are counting on you and Karen to stay close to the TV. And just think of the sewing you will be able to do in the next two weeks. Hope you are knitting up quickly and see you soon.
Best wishes and stitches,

Anonymous said...

Deb -

I feel your pain! Have had elective foot surgery twice now and elective or not, it's no picnic. And it really is hard to keep your foot up like they want you to and do ANYTHING except read from a book suspended from the ceiling! However, it's a great time for pondering, plotting and scheming -- keep a notebook handy. Wish you well; do what you're told and heal quickly!

Blesse' -

Nancy F.

Anonymous said...

Deb, So glad the surgery is over. I know you are anxious to get moving but you must heed the doctor's orders. Try doing a jigsaw puzzle. It uses up a lot of time and makes you forget your problems. There are many puzzles for the quilter. I'm thinking of you. Dottie Coleextheane

Tracey said...

Hi Deb,

Hope your foot is recovering swiftly. I certainly miss seeing you at the Quilt Co. You have, however, chosen a great time to be housebound -- it is FRIGID out.

Try to relax because it will be a whirlwind once you are back on your foot (feet)!
Tracey Zigo

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going great. ANy quilting? I hope you have a machine with a start/stop button - No foot pedal required.

banjo795 said...

Hi Deb! I've missed your smiling face the last couple times I've stopped in, now I remember why! Take it easy, and stay off the foot, now matter how hard it is! I'm surprised that Karen hasn't moved the accu-cut to your house, to give you something to do while you are "lounging around"!!

Denise said...

Hey Deb - You know we will be missing you and your helpful ways that always answer our questions and solve our mysterious quilting issues. You hang in there and do what the doctor says and we promise to take it easy on Karen and the rest of the staff until you get back! And enjoy the game - - GO STEELERS!

Anonymous said...

Love all the girls at the shop but miss your "warped" sense of humor ... much like my own. Between you and Karen (and the rest of the crew) I can always count on coming away from TQC with not only some great fabrics but also with a smile on my face ... you're great friends! Get well soon ... time for your FAMILY to be taking care of YOU!!

Linda H