Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Now is that cute or what?

There is a reason we named the pattern for this project the "Super Simple Mitered Placemat"! You won't believe how easy it is to do. There is a link to download the full color step-by-step instructions in the post below. You will notice when you print out the pattern it is priced at $2.50 and if you stop by the shop and request a color copy, that is what we charge, but if you print it out yourself, it's FREE!

I made this sample in about 25 minutes this afternoon. It is one of our great litte projects that has a "magic trick" to go along with it. You quilt the focus fabric to the batting and oversized backing. Then you trim and fold the edges. A few simple seams later you flip the backing over the raw edge to the front and TA-DA! The backing forms the border with finished edges and mitered corners in one simple step! A little top stitching and you are done!

The instructions are for one placemat, if you would like to make more, one yard of focal fabric and 1 1/2 yards of backing will make six. When it comes to the quilting, I chose to stitch around each of the bagels instead of marking an alternate design. I also think a row of decorative top stitching around the inside edge of the border would look nice, but I have five more placemats to make first!



Marsha said...

I'm printing it out now! Very cute and looks easy. I will be in Pgh. next week visiting my parents. I hope to stop into your store. It's about the best quilt shop I've ever been to.

dianew said...

Last evening I started making the placemats, I finished 1 last night and then today the other 3 for a set for my son's new apartment. Then 2 more for me and a runner from a leftover long strip of bagel fabric, very cute. They are so fast and fun-I have enough fabric for 4 more (I think), but someone has to make dinner...D