Friday, May 28, 2010


I know that many of you have been (not so patiently) waiting for an update from Quilt Market. Unfortunately, updating the blog has been on the bottom of the to-do list since returning home from Minneapolis. I also had to finish our version of the Western Pennsylvania Shop Hop quilt, write the summer newsletter, produce the final instructions for both our block-of-the-month projects and our First Friday/Saturday program. Some of you are probably thinking that I should have done some of that before I left for Market. I would like to point out the ridiculousness of that theory, before Market I am busy getting ready for Market. Now that Market is over, I am busy playing catch-up before I leave on vacation. Never a dull moment
around here.
Quilt Market was wonderful! I couldn't identify any "one big thing" that everyone was excited about. In my book, that is a good thing. I like it better that way. When something "big" hits and all of the shop owners are chasing the same item, I think it makes for a much less creative atmosphere. The next Market all of the manufacturers and pattern designers try their version of the "big thing". When there isn't a clearly defined "hot" item they are forced to be more original and creative. A much better industry for everyone involved!

At this Market we bought heavy on beautiful batiks. Timeless Treasures introduced their own line of Tonga Treat pre-cuts in 2 1/2 inch strips and 10" squares. We bought them all - and lots of them. Hoffman also introduced a new assortment of Bali Pops which we won't see until fall, but they are well worth the wait. The photo at left is a project that was made from one package of the Hoffman Bali Pops with the border and applique added.

Our favorite vendors didn't disappoint! Here is Debby showing off one of Terry Atkinson's newest patterns. These cute little zip bags are perfect for everything from jewelry and make-up to sewing supplies and even lunch! Although we already have the absolute best assortment and price on 22" zippers, Terry was also offering a gorgeous assortment of 14" zipper in stunning colors, so we have that coming too. The bags are oh-sew-adorable with the added trims, so naturally we hit our favorite trim supplier.

Can you imagine how much fun it is to sort through the offerings in this booth? Lace, rick rack, ball fringe, beaded fringe, snap tape, ribbon, cording, you name it, they have it - and in tons of colors! Just browsing this booth has inspired several of my own designs, like the ball fringe on our MacGreggor's Garden pillow. We purchased yards and yards of new trims for you to use to decorate your projects.

As you may know, before we hit the Market floor there are several events that take place. Schoolhouse is one of them. This ALL day program is based on 15 or 30 minute classes that run continuously from about 11 am until 5 pm. There are over a dozen classes to chose from in each time period. I presented thirty minute sessions for Timeless Treasures and so does Karen Snyder. We both design for Timeless, but live on opposite ends of the country and only get to see each other at Market. This photo is of the two of us the day we presented our Schoolhouses. Proving that great minds not only think alike, they dress alike too!
Another delightful event that happens before Market is the FabShop Dinner that is attended by shop owners from around the world. Normally I am filthy dirty and busy setting up a booth on the Market floor when this dinner takes place. In Minneapolis I was a special guest at this dinner and was presented the Star Communicator Award for our industry. It was a special thrill to be chosen by my peers for this award and to be included in the company of the other recipients, Marti Michelle, Star Designer, Carole Britt of Batiks Etc, Star Shop, Oliver+S, Rising Star, Checker Distributors, Star Supplier.
All in all it was a wonderful Quilt Market, lots of fun new items, lots of wonderful new fabrics and patterns and lots of laughter. Once again, Debby and I were not "cool" enough for our hotel - We stayed at the ultra hip "W" and we are more the Holiday Inn Express type. When I get some time I will have to tell you about the orange water - too funny! But right now I have to clear my to-do list and get ready for vacation!


Diane said...

Congratulations on your award.

PG Wagner said...

Congratulations!!!!! and have fun on your trip!