Monday, April 2, 2012

Common Threads

If you live within driving distance of Columbus Ohio, I hope you are a member of the Common Threads Quilt Guild. If not, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity. I was invited to speak at the guilds March meeting and teach a class featuring my Quick Trim Ruler and my Sea Glass pattern the following day. I have to say that they are a pretty impressive group!

My guild presentations are a little different than the usual show and tell of beautiful quilts. I want everyone in the room to learn something - even if you have been quilting forever, I believe you can always learn something. I'm not there to just sell you a ruler, I really want to give you plenty of ideas and techniques that you can use as well as let you know what is happening in the industry. I'm pretty confident that once I show you the ruler, you are going to want one, so I try to include as much additional information as possible. Someone referred to it as the Lamaze method of quilting. The more you know, the easier it is to get through the process.

I travel and teach quite a bit and I have to say that working with Common Threads was absolutely delightful. They were well organized, fun to be with, receptive to learning something new and very talented quilters. Not everyone that organizes guild activities understands the importance of letting you know every detail, like zip codes for your GPS. Not everyone welcomes you with a gift bag of treats in your hotel room. After a week on the road it is very nice to arrive home to a hand written thank you note. It's not necessary, but one of those touches that makes you feel like all those miles in the car, schlepping all of those quilts and rulers and bins of patterns was appreciated. Thanks Common Threads, it was fun getting to know you!

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Anonymous said...

Karen, Common Threads was thrilled to have your excitement and expertise. You really gave us some great information during your lecture and although I couldn't attend the workshop I heard you left your mark. Thank you for everything.
Kathy Gordon, Co President
Common Threads Quilt Guild