Thursday, July 12, 2012

BERNINA University

It looks like I missed another Design Wall Wednesday!

This weeks excuse is that I was attending BERNINA University in Washington DC instead of sewing.  BU is the annual gathering of BERNINA Dealers from, ...well from everywhere!  It is intended as the U.S. convention, but my favorite Canadians are always there.  I also sat next to a New Zealand dealer in one class and chatted with several Europeans in other classes.  Naturally there are Swiss instructors and Techs in attendance so it is really an international event.

BU is where we learn about new products.  The newest machines are introduced (even though they won't ship for a few months) and we have the opportunity to "schmooze" with other dealers between classes.  Schmoozing is the best part in my opinion, but I can honestly say that you are also going to LOVE the new 7 series and all of it's state-of-the-art features when they arrive later this fall.

This year along with Brandon I took two employees, Jane and Honey.  This was their first time traveling with Brandon and I and I think they enjoyed the experience.  Even the parts that they didn't intend to experience. Like running 3 blocks in the pouring rain to get back to the hotel and eating with your knees higher than the table in a "zen" style restaurant.  They also laughed until their cheeks hurt and walked more miles than intended.  This is Honey being a good sport with Brandon in front of the White House.  What she didn't know is that we also intended to take in the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Mall before returning to the hotel!
Traveling with employees means that they too have cameras with them.  Jane posted this oh-so-flattering shot of me taking a funny photo of Brandon on her Facebook page.  Gee thanks Jane! 

It wasn't all fun and games.  There were plenty of classes to attend, important tech knowledge to absorb and new products to learn.  That's why I took Jane and Honey.  To expose them to the wonderful BERNINA product line.  To allow them to experience, hands-on the stellar features of the Swiss engineering behind the brand and to afford them the opportunity to meet the BERNINA team.  They were surrounded by the 5th generation owner of the company, the education department, the Swiss design team and top notch dealers from around the world.  It also allowed me to sign-up for some really inspiring classes.

Hey, someone had to attend...

BTW I didn't win a bottle of wine.  I guess that means I have to "study" harder!

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