Thursday, July 19, 2012

It Is Wednesday In My World

Here it is folks, the photo of my design wall.

You are looking at what could be the beginning of a great idea. I love working with triangles and I love working with stripes. These triangles were cut with the Creative Grids 60 degree equilateral triangle that we use for the Easy Striped Table Runner. You own one of those don't you?

I cut these triangles out a few months ago with the idea that with just one striped fabric and a bit of background you could design your own twists and turns and create your own unique quilt.  Fantastic idea! Then I started to think and then over think the instructions. I'm still playing with them.  The simple fact is, it's almost TO EASY to explain!

Grab some striped fabric and cut it into identical 8 1/2 inch strips. Grab your Creative Grids 60 degree triangle and slice those strips into triangles. (Don't you just LOVE Creative Grids?)  Play around with the arrangement until you are happy with it. Fill in the open areas with background fabric. Stitch the thing together. Done!

Oh yea, "quilt as desired", bind and Enjoy!


Easy to do, yes. Easy to write instructions for, NO. The problem is that I have no control of the striped fabric that you will purchase. Therefore I have no idea how many identical 8 1/2 inch strips you will be able to cut. Four seems reasonable, but I could cut 5 from the fabric I used. Other stripes that I have tried will only cut 3, but then you could get one or two more from the leftover that didn't match.  Those would have to be used in areas that were unique to themselves and not intermixed with the others or they won't work. Then there is the issue of how much fabric to buy. Obviously it depends on how many strips you can cut. What if you cut the strips smaller, say 6"? Could you get more strips? How big would your quilt be then? The size depends totally on how you lay it out!  If I say 10 triangles across and your design looks better with 8 - use 8!

This could end up being the Nike quilt pattern that I am always threatening to publish. Photo on the front cover, inside the instructions will simply say:

"Just Do It"!


banjo795 said...

Oh, this is going to be a fun one! I can't wait to get home and try it! And if Kaye can give us a photo as the directions for a quilt, so can you!

Bunnie said...

Have you done any more with this idea? I came up with something similar and was researching online to see if I would be infringing on anyone's copyright before I developed it further. I had come to the same conclusion about the ability to actually write the directions with all the various stripes. Thanks