Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm it?

Kris from Cozy Cottage in California "tagged" me, which according to Kris requires me to post 7 interesting or unique things that you don't know about me. That's the problem with hanging out with hip, young, shop owners, they are much more tec savy than us old folks! You can check out Kris's blog by clicking on her address in the list of links. While you are there, check out Sandy's too. Sandy owns Quilt Country in Texas and you will be on your way to getting to know my shop owner friends. I promise to add Karen Snyders blog to the list......... if she ever gets one!


Kris said...

Wow, hip and young! I'm so flattered, but don't think that will distract us from the fact that I don't see your seven facts yet!!!

Kris said...

Okay, I found your list! I must not be that young 'cause I need glasses. LOL

Cheap white wine??? I'll have to remember that one!