Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Halloween?

This week has included deadlines, video editing, the kick-off of our Crazy Patch Block of the Month, club meetings, an ice storm, prep for our Schoolhouse event, plans for our Meet the Author evening and the delivery of a mountain of new spring fabrics. With that said, you will never guess how I spent Thursday evening….. go ahead, guess….. Yep, I made this Halloween Table Runner using our Flip'n Strip pattern.

Welcome to my world. I like to think of it as “seasonally challenged”. Timeless requested a project to show off these adorable Halloween prints, naturally they need it yesterday. Due to the lead time involved in having the Sales Reps show the new fabrics to the shop owners, who order the bolts, and want them shipped in time to have a sample made in time to show it to customers who need time to make it before the holiday… in the fabric world it IS Halloween. Last month was Christmas. Don’t try to figure it out. Christmas comes again in July and then again in December, when those of us that work retail tend to be sick-and-tired of the holiday season. Now you know why.

In the “other projects” department I also managed to get my class prep done. I love working on the Crazy Patch Block of the Month. I really need to spend some time this weekend making my daughter Lindsay a new tote bag. She asked for one before school started (the day before) and selected the fabrics. She has been happy using a blue and white floral bag from Timeless but the strap finally gave way under the weight of a zillion text books. She has repaired the gaping hole with tape and the strap has been mended with not one, but four tacky looking safety pins, in a vain attempt to shame me into repairing it for her.

I may spend the rest of the day (after I teach a class) whipping one up for her. If that doesn't happen, I think it is time she hear the story about the shoemaker’s kids.


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