Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quilting gods?

If there are quilting gods that we must pay homage to, I’m going to have to sacrifice a bolt of fabric in the parking lot at midnight to get back in their good graces. I certainly haven’t been in their favor this week.

Remember that Jacobs Ladder project that had a deadline looming? I let it go until the very last minute. (not unusual for me). In the planning stages I had decided on a diagonal set and solid triangles around the edge, no border. Once I had it on the design wall I HATED the solid setting triangles. They needed to be pieced. I whipped up the segments before I left for Florida, still confident that it would not be a problem to get it stitched together.

When I started to assemble the top I realized that the stripe in my 4 patch “spun” to the LEFT in the quilt blocks and to the RIGHT in the setting triangles.
Quilting gods 1, Karen 0.

I grumbled and tried to convince myself that it didn’t matter, but those setting triangles were no longer an accent, they finished the pattern. I had to replace them. Now it needed a border. Very early yesterday (thank heaven I started early) I remade the setting triangle pieces, only to discover that I made them wrong A SECOND TIME.
Quilting gods 2, Karen 0

Over the weekend, working at the Heinz History Center, I took the tools I would need to assemble blocks. Amy Baughman, Debby LeDonne and I met our husbands for dinner Sunday evening and I left my supplies in Amy’s car. I knew we would see each other at the Shop Hop meeting on Monday – no problem, except that I forgot to get them from her after the meeting. I had to do all the sewing/ripping without all my favorite supplies. It was like working with one hand tied behind my back.

At 8:30 last evening as I was putting the borders on –again- for what I though was the last time. I started to miter the corners I noticed that the large daisy flower in the outer border was running around the quilt in one direction on 3 sides and the opposite direction on the 4th side……
Quilting gods 3, Karen 0.

Here is a photo of the finished project. It was a struggle – but I do like the final results. Now it’s off to the quilter. I have to write the instructions – proper instructions – and the kits will be ready by the time McCalls Quilting hits the newsstand sometime mid March.



Cindy said...

That turned out beautiful Karen. What size is it. I guess I will be purchasing another kit to add to my stash. LOL.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That is so pretty. OMG it's beautiful.