Monday, January 7, 2008

Like Mother / Like Daughter

Our daughter Lindsay will be 17 this month. She is a very creative kid, she designs her own jewelry and hand makes gifts for her friends. She also LOVES books. Not library books. She wants to OWN books. She considers Borders her library and my Visa her library card. One trip not to long ago, she picked up a book on restyling t-shirts. I probably could have told her everything in the book, and more, but you know how kids are. As her mother, I can’t possibly know ANYTHING. I was just intrigued that she wanted to sew.

While I was making the crafty tray shown below, Lindsay was busy reworking some old t-shirts into some interesting new looks using my sewing machine. She is much happier if I stay out of her way and only consult on thread, how to change the needle and where she can find a supply she needs. Her first finished project was pretty cute! She arrived in the kitchen wearing a scoop neck fitted T with interesting sleeves. When I asked her about the construction, she whipped out her digital camera and proceeded to show me the step-by-step photos she had taken as she went along. I asked why she took the photos and she looked surprise, and said “Don’t YOU always take photos”? It never occurred to me that she thought it was part of the normal sewing process! She may be a little more like her Mother than she cares to admit!
Lindsay's Mom


GranmaRu said...

Hi Karen - have never done any blogging but am enjoying yours. Is there a waiting list for weekend in ? Sandy ___, if you can book another next year? I'd like to put my name on it - am retiring in March. Getting ready for KOK next weekend. Fun. Ruth Anthony

Suzanne said...

I read this and had to show it to my mom! I just discovered your blog today and I am looking forward to checking back!