Monday, January 7, 2008

Crafting 101

As promised, here are the photos of my craft project! It’s nice to do a little something different every now and then. The “pennies” for this project are cut from fabric that is stiffened with diluted Mod Podge. They were layered, coated and applied to the tray that I painted. The tray was a bargain bin find at TJ Max. Originally it was cream color with pink tulips! We used it for fat quarters at the store; it’s chipped, nicked and perfect for this folk art look. I sanded and painted the inside black and the outside a dull red with some inexpensive acrylic paints. The fabrics were applied to the painted surface and covered with several more coats of Mod Podge (that’s the cloudy looking stuff in the “in process” photo. It dries clear). Then the whole thing was covered in acrylic, sanded, buffed with steel wool and finally a coat of wax was applied.

I know what you are thinking, a lot of work for a silly tray, but I enjoyed the process. The floor covering book details the method as it is applied to a canvas backing to create actual floor coverings that you can use in your home. They are beautiful! The stiffened fabric can easily be cut with scissors or a rotary cutter. Any quilt block could be cut and used. I’m looking around for some trash cans in basic shapes that I can decorate for my sewing room at home. There are a few wooden boxes lying around that are definitely in danger of being embellished………

Have some fun!

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