Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunny Florida

When the weatherman posts single digits, who would not want to head for “sunny Florida”? I was fortunate to be invited to teach in central Florida this week. We planned the trip around some college visits for Lindsay and a long overdue visit to my in-laws. As you can see, we squeezed in a not-so-sunny trip to Disney. Yep, that’s fog and a slight drizzle surrounding Cinderella’s castle. You wont see that photo in the brochure!
The deep freeze that most of the country is feeling has definitely reached this far south! Lucky for me, the outlook is better for the next few days. Unfortunately for the rest of the family, I sent them home early this morning!

Now I’m off to meet my best friend, Bernie to tour quilt shops and spend the day being the “customer” instead of the “owner”! I love being able to shop a quilt store without the responsibility of having all the answers. It’s also nice to see things from the consumer point of view, pick up some display tips and see what’s selling in other parts of the country. I’m sure that lunch will be something special, include dessert and the evening will involve a glass of wine (or two) and lots of laughing! Days like this are what best friends are for!


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