Sunday, January 13, 2008


I’m having a good weekend!

My copy of the Keepsake Quilting Catalog arrived on Friday and I was surprised to find that they picked up the Dimes project that I designed for Timeless Treasures. Yes, even I am sometimes surprized to see my name in print! The 40 by 48 inch project is made with 10 inch squares of 30 different Tonga Batiks. The funny thing is, if a customer would like to make the project, they will need to order the kit from Keepsake. Believe it or not, we don’t have them in the store! The project is part of a 30 bolt collection promotion. I select the fabrics, design the project, make the quilt and write the instructions, but if you’ve seen our batik section in the store, we OBVIOUSLY order more than 30 bolts! It appears that Keepsake worked a deal to buy the collection in pre-cut 10 inch squares. Timeless won’t do that for me! Still, its nice to see my name in a catalog that I both respect and enjoy.

Today I checked my email and found a message from Jill, the editor of Quilts and More magazine. The magazine is running one of my projects in the spring issue! The layout looks great and I am thrilled with the 4 page spread! I submitted the fabric folder project several months ago and had no idea when or if they planned to run it. I’ve made several of these as gifts for different people. They are large enough to hold file folders, zip closed, have an outside pocket and are easy to personalize with the fabric selection. The outside pocket is a great place to feature a novelty fabric. I’ve used a music print for the ones I’ve made for Lindsay’s choral conductors, house prints for real estate agents, assorted fabrics for teachers… you get the idea. It's a great I-can't-believe-the-zipper-was-that-easy project! I've always had a great response to my projects that have been featured in Quilts and More, I certainly hope this one is a winner too!


Cindy said...

Karen, as always, great job.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I can't wait to see that magazine and get my hands on that pattern. LOVE IT.