Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter Weather..... ugh.

I believe that the only "good" snow is either printed on fabric or contained in hand held glass globes!

I would like to go on record having said that if spring started right this very minute I can not think of one single person I know that would be heartbroken that winter was over. It’s true that the people that own the ski resorts are not among the people that I know. I’m not sure how those that own snow plows would feel. My husband plows/salts our lot and I know that he would be happy not to have to do it again for another dozen months.

This has been a wicked weather week and it is only Tuesday! Things got off to an interesting start on Sunday. About 45 minutes into our Schoolhouse event we lost power due to high winds. There were trees and power lines down all over the area. The 30+ women that were here for the 10:00 – 3:00 event were great sports about the lack of electricity. Everyone thought that being able to pee by candlelight in our windowless bathroom added a “romantic” touch. We managed to get through all 6 classes, 3 make-it take-its, lunch and write up their purchases in the dark. Thank heaven the high winds and sub zero temperatures were accompanied by lots of natural daylight. Our power came back on around 4pm and we were among the lucky ones. Those that live near the downed tree were without power until 4pm on MONDAY!

The sub zero wind chills caused a 2 hour school delay on Monday. Now it’s early Tuesday morning and the 2 inches of snow that we have on the ground is predicted to accumulate to 3-5 by tonight with a lovely layer of freezing rain sandwiched in the middle. At the rate it’s been falling I expect that they will be adding to those accumulation totals by the noon forecast.

Looks like it is going to be a great day to stay inside and SEW! Now I just have to decide what to work on….. The pile of fabrics for our Crazy Patch BOM looks inviting. I could assemble the next few blocks for our First Friday/First Saturday program. This is the perfect weather to work on the samples I need for my 2008 Christmas line. (It’s much easier to work on Christmas prints in this weather than it is to force yourself to get them finished when everyone else is at the beach.) I could stitch up those Wizard of Oz samples…….. one snowstorm might not be enough to get everything done!


Perry said...

This has not been a fun winter, that's for sure. I have tagged you on my blog. Please check in out.

Lori said...


The school house was wonderful! You and the staff did so good - almost didn't even miss the power. I learned a lot - Thanks!

Bev said...

I enjoyed the school house. Didn't miss the power at all.

Learned alot. Best idea was the "shower handle" for the ruler while cutting. It works great and makes cutting so much easier.