Sunday, June 29, 2008

TAXI ! ! ! !

While I was in New York last week working with Timeless my main goal was to work on my future fabric lines and the projects to support them (more bout those details later). I also had meetings with the Timeless staff to discuss the past Quilt Market in Portland, the next Market in Houston and started preliminary planning for next spring when Market will be here in Pittsburgh.

One of the amazing things about the Portland Market was the success of the TAXI fabric line from Timeless. The theme print for this line is a HUGE black, white and yellow graphic print. It's BIG, really BIG. Those swatches don't begin to show the scale of the print. The coordinates aren't as large, but they are just as bright, just as graphic and just as popular. Go figure?

We all agreed that if the line had failed we could think of dozens of reasons why it didn’t work. Too big, too bright, not “quilty”, too contemporary, I could go on. What we couldn’t agree upon is exactly why it DID work, and it is working and working and working. What is it about this fabric that appeals to you? Why did black white and yellow strike a nerve at this particular place and time?

Looking around New York it is easy to see the inspiration. Fashion there is different. Timeless is located in Soho, near Tribeca, a fashion forward, artsy section of the city. I love the TAXI line, but I also live in “fly over” country where TAXI meets Thimbleberries. Thimbleberries style makes more sense to many of my customers. I understand that, Thimbleberries it is easy to live with. The colors are soothing (and sometimes too muddy for my taste) which is why my store has a different look. I think the lines from places like Thimbleberries and Kansas Troubles also tend to look the same season after season. Is TAXI popular because it represents a change? Have we all listened to so many political speeches that we now want to change everything?

Maybe everyone is sewing smaller projects? Taxi makes great tote bags and accessories. It is also fun for throws and looks great in a dress (if you have the figure for a screaming yellow and black print!), but I can’t imagine using it to redecorate a whole room – at least not one I expect to live and relax in!

What sells and why it sells never ceases to amaze me. Why do you think it's popular? Did I miss a mainstream TV show with black and yellow decor? Do you count yourself as part of the TAXI loving masses or are you wondering what the heck you would do with it?



Lori from Mars said...

I love the fabrics, but agree that they look more
like designs for fun clothing, purses, etc.

I love the fabric lines that you create and the ones
that you chose to carry in your store. It makes it very
difficult to make a purchase decision quickly when there are so many beautiful things to pick from, but
it is also why your store is one of the most inspiring
stores to go to. Some "quilt" fabric is very boring,
but that is never the case with what I find at The
Quilt Company. Thanks!

Lori from Mars said...

Also...I am one of those people who told you in the
store that I liked your blog, but had never posted.
I fixed that by finally opening a Google account...
so you'll be hearing from me now!

Thanks for your is a wonderful window
into the many different things that you do.

Anonymous said...

I, too, like the TAXI line ... but will I make something from it? More than likely NOT. It's not "me" ... I'm more a traditionalist when it comes to quilts ... love some of Amy Butler, Jason Yenter (spelling??) and Varlori Wells ... think they're beautiful and I stare and stare and stare at them, wondering what it is that I could make from them ... but I just never seem to get a creative brainstorm and pursue those designs ... yep, love the TAXI line but I'm more comfortable with others in your store ... I do thank you, though, for the diversity of what you carry ... SOMEDAY I may break loose and venture into an unfamiliar territory....

TerryG said...

I think the TAXI line has been popular because it follows the black and white trend but then splits off into new territory with the yellow. I've seen black and white with red or pink but the yellow really shouts WOW!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this line of fabrics - I'm buying them up wherever I can find them!

Anonymous said...

Black & white with large graphics are very in with the younger people. I have almost finished a lap quilt for my daughter's apartment which is decorated in black & white with bright accents.