Monday, June 30, 2008

Splish Splash

I haven’t been able to complain about our weather lately. The days have been warm and sunny with a few hot, hot, hot spells and an unseasonably low spell tossed in for variety. Many late afternoons and evenings have been accompanied by showers (meaning that I don’t have to worry about watering the garden) and a few of them have been bucket dumping downpours but all in all it’s been a nice variety…. Until Saturday.

I had mountains of paperwork to produce for our BOM and class programs that start this week so I returned to the store after hours on Saturday evening. When the store is closed I usually just pull my car up to the front steps, right in the middle of the parking lot and leave it there. If I put it in an actual parking space, people driving by tend to think that we are open and even though the lights are off they are always knocking on the window trying to coax me to let them in to look around. Parking in an odd spot seems to make them realize that my stay is temporary (even if it is parked that way for hours on end).

Saturday was a beautiful day, but there was a threat of evening thundershowers (no garden to water!) I’m a sunroof kind of gal, I hate driving with the windows down, but my sunroof is always open. I carefully closed it and although I never drive with the windows open, I double checked the front windows, just to be safe. An hour or more into my printing extravaganza it started to rain. It made being stuck at work on Saturday evening a little easier. Then I heard the skies let loose and we got a real drenching. It came down in buckets for quite sometime. I couldn’t help wondering if those poor tomato plants could take this kind of soaking.

After the rain had let up I had to go into the other room for something and as I walked past the front doors I happened to glance at my car. The BACK windows were OPEN! Wide open! Who in the world would have opened my BACK WINDOWS? Who would have left them that way? …….. ok, technically I left them that way, but then I never open them. It never even crossed my mind to glance back and check them. They are never open. Then it dawned on me, I now share my car with my teenage daughter. Besides having the fuel gauge terminally pointing toward “E” and the radio on some unfamiliar station, I guess I will have to adjust to new window procedures too.

Needless to say the backseat of my car was filled with water. Filled. A half full water bottle that was tossed on the floor was actually floating. I began to wonder if “Waterfront Seating” would add value to my trade-in because the idea of cleaning up that mess wasn’t something I wanted to tackle at 10pm. Three beach towels and lots of mopping up later the leather seats have never been cleaner. The floor mats are still drying out in the garage. I think it is possible that the humidity level in my car is better than 100%. The slightest bit of heat and everything steams up on the inside. I don’t even want to think about mold…… If you see me out driving around, Ill be the one with the windows WIDE open.


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