Sunday, June 1, 2008


Did you happen to see me on TV?

Were you watching Good Morning America Weekend? There I was, plain as day! Ok, it wasn’t actually “me”. No they didn’t mention my name. No the story wasn’t about quilting. If you blinked you probably missed it, BUT….

If you saw the segment about the guy who works for Home Depot that ended up as the lead singer for a rock group because his daughter posted a video of him singing karaoke on MySpace, I was right there. You had to look quickly, but in the segment that was at least several seconds long, they showed his daughter sitting on her bedroom floor, if you looked closely at the quilt on the bed behind her – TA DA! Some of those fabrics were from my Stix & Stones line!

-no autographs please!

You’re not impressed? Think about the cosmic forces that had to align for me to up at that hour sitting in front of the TV and not off in the kitchen getting another cup of coffee. What are the odds that I would select THAT channel from the zillion that are available, and for me to have looked up at the exact moment to see MY triangles on national television. (Actually seeing the triangles wasn’t that hard, we have a 54” screen).

Still not enough to impress? Consider this; I had to look up from my stitching to catch a glimpse of those now famous triangles. Can you guess what I was stitching? Yep! I was sewing the binding on the Stix & Stones quilt made from the exact same fabrics. It is the quilt that is featured in the ad in the new issue of McCalls Quilting magazine. What are the odds of that? (If you are wondering how I could just now be stitching the binding on the quilt that has already been photographed and published in the magazine, chalk it up to publisher “magic”).

I wonder if I have to deduct those few seconds from my 15 minutes of fame?


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