Friday, May 30, 2008

Sew Something

I need to sew something.

I did not say that I “want” to sew something; I’m way past “want” and well on my way to the other side of “need”, right up there at the top of the “desperately need” area. I’m teetering on that fine line that separates code orange from code red.

Sewing is my job, but it is also a stress reliever for me. I honestly believe that fabric, thread, scraps, squares and triangles help to keep me sane. Some people fly fish to relieve stress, some cook, I quilt… and in my opinion “wackos” run. I’m not trying to pick a fight with the running population. I’m married to a guy that runs, my daughter is engaged to a serious runner. I’ve just never seen a runner that looks happy while they are running. How much stress can you relieve if you are miserable? Before I get too far off topic I need to remind myself that this is about sewing, not running and there hasn't been nearly enough sewing around here lately.

Lots of people and even an employee or two have asked from time-to-time if I’m “tired” of all of this yet. Tired of what? Doing what I really enjoy? Most of what has to happen around here really is “work”, but the sewing part, nothing but icing on the cake. I get cranky if the sewing doesn’t balance the work.
Any normal person would be ashamed to admit this (so naturally I am posting photos to the world wide web) but that mess in the photo to the left is my sewing center. Keep looking.... it is in there somewhere....

I should probably insert a witty comment here about how a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind, but let's face it.... that workspace is pitiful. I'm going to have to do some major excavation before anything creative can happen. It is going to be like a small scale archilogical dig. The tan fabric on the bottom is part of a tote bag that I was working on the day before I left for Market, May 13th. I haven't had the opportunity to sew since then. That explains the stress level that is rapidly approaching depthcon 5.

That nice clean spot in the upper right corner is the space where my laptop usually sits. I've been working in the office near the "big" printer so that I can print handouts and finish the instructions without being tempted to sew.

Today all of that ends! As of 8:57 last night I have officially caught up on all of the instruction writing that was looming over my head (that isnt exactly true, I still have 4 things on my to-do list, but they aren't due until the end of NEXT week, so why hurry?) and I am going to clean-up and SEW! Not too clean, just enough to get inspired. When things are too clean I hate to mess them up, so I get even LESS accomplished. The next question is what to sew next.... that cute little purse from Sandy Brawners new pattern or maybe the dimensional flower from the new American Patchwork & Quilting issue. I could finish the woven table runner or that tote bag that is under the needle and ready to go, but the samples of Batik Jelly Rolls are looking awfuly tempting. Then there is that staff challenge to make a table runner from Terry Atkinsons new book ... decisions, decisions.

How do you decide what to sew? How often do you sew? Take our poll at the top of the page and see how you compare to our other blog readers.


Sweet P said...

I try to spend at least 15 minutes every doing doing something with fabric. Sometimes it's sewing, sometimes it's cutting, sometimes it's designing. Like you I get cranky if I don't get enough sewing time in over time.

I have been on medical leave for 7 weeks. The first few weeks I was too sick to sew. Now I sew as much as I'm able to sew.

How do I decided what to sew? Whatever my creative muse tells me to sew. I don't feel guilty if I start a project one day and let it sit for sometime before I finish it. My muse gets very unhappy if I try to force her to do something she doesn't want to do.

BrendaLou said...

Liz alerted me to your blog. She says you are very brave to post a picture for the entire world. Of course she didn't tell you that each of us has a spot that is the same as yours....we're just not brave enough to share.

banjo795 said...

The only reason my sewing area is neat at the moment is because it is also our dining room, and the family has this odd attachment to eating. My oldest just graduated from college, and moved back home, so my sewing room disappeared. And I had to move everything that isn't under active construction to the basement. I'm an out-of-sight-out-of mind person, so I usually have everything out in plain sight. Which to the un-initiated just looks like a mess. But it's an organized mess!