Monday, May 5, 2008


Compulsory, obligatory, required, requisite, necessary.

Those are the words used to describe the word “binding” in my computers dictionary. I think they should add a few more. Having spent the better part of the last 3 days hand stitching binding in place I could make some suggestions. It isn’t that I hate the hand stitching, I like to hand stitch, just not for hours and hours and hours........ and hours.

I’m actually a bit of a binding snob. I know how to do the whole process by machine. I can even show you a few tricks that you may not have thought of that will make the process go faster. BUT, if something is going to be hanging in a show with my name on it, I prefer that the binding be hand stitched. It is one of those weird quirks that I am not willing to compromise on, even if it takes the entire weekend to accomplish the task.

Squeezed in between the classes, club meeting and binding marathon I also managed to “whip up” this chenille jacket. Before you start to groan, I used my Fun on the Run jacket pattern. I’ve made this pattern enough times that I could probably assemble it in my sleep. I wanted a sample to show that you can use the chenille flannel for more than just flannel throws.

I layered 4 pieces of the Lindsay paper-cut print, matching the pattern repeat on the fabric in each layer. The flannel was added to the bottom and I cut the pieces about an inch larger than necessary before I did the stitching (no unnecessary stitching!). I only cut the top 3 layers, leaving the bottom layer of print fabric intact. The goal was to still be able to see the pattern that is printed on the fabric after the chenille process. It worked pretty well. Regular cottons don’t fluff as well as flannel after one washing. This jacket will probably need to be tossed in with a few more loads to really “bloom”. I took before and after photos of both projects – look at the difference!

Now I have to catch-up on the instruction writing that I have been trying to avoid and get to work printing the new pattern fronts so that we can send everything to our distributors before Market. Today is also my husband’s birthday. They announce the Kelly Awards for High School musicals later today (so I am typing with my fingers crossed!) and Lindsay’s prom is this Friday, so I have to allot time in my schedule for a shoe, hair or jewelry crisis…… I almost forgot! I have to hem that dress too!

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