Thursday, May 8, 2008

Could it possibly be THURSDAY?

Tuesday and Wednesday probably slipped by while I was shopping for prom shoes. My stiletto loving daughter insisted upon perfectly flat, yet dressy, prom shoes, that don’t look like flip flops in metallic silver or blue. If you plan to shop for shoes in the greater Pittsburgh area, give me call, I could save you considerable time and gas money by telling you exactly who has what. I’m now the local authority on the availability of silver flats in our region. Bohemian chic, try Journeys of all places. Over priced flip flops, try Express. Adorable little slides with the teeny tiny one inch kitten heels that according to my daughter will make you “tower” over your date, Macy’s. Next year I’m going insist that she find a tall date or at the very least one that isn’t intimidated by a girl in heels.

The Quilt Market To-Do list has been whittled down to optional items. I’ve fulfilled all of my commitments for the required projects. There are a few items that I will need to carry with me on the plane and instructions that still need to be finished, but the bulk of the pressure is over with – whew!

I’ve discovered over the years that finishing the list of required items has a strange effect. Creativity begets creativity. I work like the dickens to come up with the most creative and appealing ideas from the very beginning. Once I’ve worked through that process and begin to think that I am satisfied, a light goes on and an obviously great idea appears. Sometimes too late to make it happen in time for Market and I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner. This year it’s this bargello striped bag. Duh. How easy is THAT? One fabric cross cut and shifted to form the bargello pattern. I’m stitching the strips directly to Peltex, a stiff interfacing. I should have time to make it into a quick tote bag before I leave. I would love to have 3 tote bag/purses finished for the display but that is probably pushing my luck!

The To-Do list is still quite lengthy with items like, hem pants, print handouts, write presentation, figure out what to wear. That last one is the tough one. I present at Market every six months. What the heck was I wearing last time? What about last year? Some owners only attend spring markets. If you only see me twice a year I certainly don’t want to show up in the same outfit! I’ve also learned not to run out and buy something new. Once I picked up a great looking jacket at Coldwater Creek the weekend before Market. I soon discovered that at least 8 other shop owners had done the same thing. Talk about seeing yourself coming and going! There were enough of us that we could have formed a club! I also try to dress head-to-toe in one neutral color when I am shopping for fabric. Believe it or not, people buy what they wear. The year that I coordinated my wardrobe in shades of purple I discovered that I bought more grape print fabrics than any one shop could possibly need. I don’t want to worry you, but I did pick up this great pair of pink and orange madras plaid shoes that I am tempted to take with me ……


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Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Hi Karen,
I saw you at Fall Market and I couldn't begin to tell you what you were I don't think you need to worry about repeating an outfit!

Melisa Morrison
Sweet Home Quilt Co.