Saturday, May 17, 2008


Greetings from Portland!

There are going to be some wonderfully happy quilters in the next few months! I've found lots and lots of things to get excited about! If you are one of our "walk-in" customers you are going to LOVE our new summer program "Happy Hour"! From 5-7 each Monday evening we are offering drinks and free demos and make it take its. Details will be in our next newsletter and e-update. One of my Market goals was to find some wonderful fun stuff to "play" with and all I'm going to say is WOW!!! You won't be disappointed!

I may also have to re-name the store "Batiks are Us". Hoffman never disappoints me. They always have beautiful, unique color combinations, the new selection includes some irresistible shades. I must be in a yellow mood, because I don't think I turned down one of them. Look for yellow and peach, yellow and aqua, yellow and cream..... beautiful!!! Wait until you see the batik jelly rolls - and you will have to wait, the first ones don't ship until July. Keep you fingers crossed that it doesn't rain in Indonesia, maybe we will get them sooner!

Timeless also introduced a new batik assortment that was impossible to resist. Toni Steer presented a program in two color assortments that makes not one but TWO trip around the world quilts at the same time. It's perfect for a buddy class! Don't worry if you will like the color I selected - I bought both! I "complained" to Ellen Brown, the owner of Timeless that they needed to offer a wider selection of batik backings. My customers love them, we need a larger assortment. Her response was, and I quote "Ok, smarty pants, pick them out". You don't have to ask me twice! I sat down right then and there and selected the prints and colors that will go into production as soon as the base goods arrive at the print plant.

I know that I promised Market photos, but those will have to wait until I have time to upload the photos and I will have to have the camera and the computer in the same building to get that done. One of them always seems to be at the convention center when the other is at the hotel.

Its been busy here in Portland, but I am happy to say that I did find time to help out a poor homeless person. The hotel that I am staying in is absolutely wonderful, but they unfortunately screwed up Karen Snyder (Author of "Bundles of Fun", owner of Anna Leana's, and fabric designer's) reservation and she was without a room on the first and last night here, so I graciously agreed to allow her to bunk with me. I think that should be good for a personal appearance and book signing and possibly even a trunk show in my store when she is in town next spring, don't you?

Back to work!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

That the least she can do! Anxious to see your pictures. Hurry. Glad your having grand time!

Karen Snyder said...

Karen was so sweet to take in a homeless person (me!) while in Portland. But you know how we are. We get one handout, then show up a few days later asking for another. Thank you, Karen, for letting me bunk with you. I tried not to snore, so didn't get much sleep, but at least I had a pillow (and a nice down one at that) to lay my head upon! Where do I sign up for my guest appearance?

Barb J said...

I am anxiously awaiting Happy Hour! Is it June yet? It sounds like sooooo much fun and will be the perfect way to unwind after work. DH and the kids may just have to make their own dinners those nights, because I am definitely stopping in. Where and when do we sign up? Never mind, just put me down for all of them ;->