Thursday, December 4, 2008

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations to Gert Camp, the winner of our $15 gift certificate! Gert posted comment #9 and was randomly selected to receive the prize. YEA GERT!
"Congratulations on 15 Years of business at The Quilt Company!! Yours is the most inspiring shop and I hope you are around for many more wonderful years (because I have lots more quilting to do and your fabric is the Greatest)!!!!Best Wishes from Gert Camp"
I have long believed that I have the very best customers in the world. Our birthday celebration yesterday was the absolute best. It was great fun, lots of laughs and we really enjoyed being able to offer some wonderful savings to the real people behind The Quilt Company, because we wouldn't be here if it were not for you!
Reading your comments was a humbling experience. It is nice to hear from everyone far and near. We have customers that are "regulars" and more like family. We have some that have moved away that we truly miss and others that have never lived in our area but shop online often enough to become "regulars". We treasure each and every one of you.
Recently I read an article and the author described owning your own business as equal to "Having a 2 year old special needs child attached to your hip 24 hours a day". I can relate to that. When it is yours, it is yours. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. There is no off switch. I like my brother-in-laws perspective better. 15 years ago he was doing some exterior finish work on the building when we had our very first open house. We were packed. One husband had decided to wait for his wife in the parking lot and struck up a conversation with Bill.
The husband was amazed at the turnout for our Open House. Bill, who's family owned a bar and restaurant for years explained that he saw us as a "fabric bar". Women come in, complain about their husbands and kids, share their joys and sorrows, buy a fat quarter and leave. When the mans wife joined them and remarked about the crowd, the husband said "Yea, every woman in a 100 mile radius without a drinking problem is in that building".
Here's to keeping you off the streets!


Anonymous said...

LOL ... absolutely LOVE the analogy ... I'll have to share with my DH next time to cocks an eyebrow when I tell him I'll be at The Quilt Company for awhile ... Happy Birthday!!

Flatlander (Linda)

banjo795 said...

Great analogy! I need to stop in to the Quilt Company on a regular basis for my "fix", but it's not just for the fabric, patterns and notions - it's also for the camaraderie!