Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food Supply

My fabric hasn't arrived yet, so instead of whining about it, I thought I would tackle another important issue. Someone has been messing with my food supply. Not the food supply to our nation, just one small area that I personally concern with myself, namely M&M’s.

I am a hard core M&M addict. Some people think mash potatoes are comfort food, others crave meatloaf or fried chicken. My personal preference is M&M’s. When I am under stress there is nothing like a giant bag of candy coated chocolates to get me through to a deadline.

I have to admit that I am an old school M&M connoisseur; I preferred the color mix before the blue ones were added. That tan, brown, orange, yellow, green and red combo was a classic. If someone had shown you paint chips of those same shades, you would have immediately thought M&M’s. It was recognition that only happens in an advertising persons dreams – until they messed with perfection. I understand the need for change, I can accept the fact that blue had been slighted for years, but why did they have to select THAT shade of blue? It is just not a preferred color for food unless you are under the age of 5. Therefore I eat them first.

The color of my favorite food is not the main concern of this rant. As you all know, -I’m going a little crazy as I wait for the sample fabric of my new fabric line to arrive. (Update: The ETA for fabric is Friday or possibly Monday, but probably not later than end of day Tuesday. They faxed me a shipping notice that it left the print plant yesterday, keep your fingers crossed!) Once it gets here I literally have to sew like a crazy person to get the quilts finished for Market. As a bit of pre-frenzy planning I invested in an extra large bag of my favorite treat. I opened it, dug in and noticed something very strange….

Not all of my precious M’s are perfect.

A large portion of the yellow ones are disfigured. Many of the yellow, green and orange ones have shell damage. A good many brown ones are underdeveloped. It looks like all of those #$%^ blue ones are perfect. I’m thinking communist plot. The M&M factory needs a government bailout NOW. Their factory workers need to be retrained! Quality control has gone out the window! How in the world do we expect to solve the credit crisis and jumpstart the economy when we can’t even get M&M’s right?

For the love of God, someone needs to tell Mars Inc. to stop imposing personalities and putting arms and legs on food and get back to the basics! The next time I open a bag I expect each and every one of those orbs of candy coated chocolates to be exactly the same shape. Make America proud.


Debby G. said...

LOL! This is a perfect example of why I read this blog 1st thing every morning! I bought a bag of Reese's peanut butter eggs over Easter and had the same problem with mishapen eggs. I hated to do it but had to eat them quickly so I could get to the more "perfect" bag!

Becky said...

Now this one IS funny, Karen! I refuse to eat the blue ones because they took the place of the more natural-looking tan ones! The only blue ones I eat are in the pastel bags.


Debbie at QP said...

You crack me up. M&M's - who cares what colors they are???? I eat them too fast to notice!

Debbie W.

Karen Snyder said...

OMG! I thought it was just my last two bags and that I'd somehow gotten some out of a case that had fallen off a truck. Now I learn that all the way on the other side of the country, the same thing is happening. Mars needs to take note! And, Debbie, don't you know the orange ones taste best!

Karen said...

The orange ones may taste best, but if you are smart you will convince your body that the green ones are vegetables!

banjo795 said...

Of course the green ones are vegetables! And so are the rest of them! They are made from cocoa BEANS aren't they?