Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Here!

My fabric packet arrived late Thursday afternoon, just as Debby and I were getting ready to leave for a charity fundraiser. I had to wait until early Friday morning to really get down to work. I've been known to work non-stop to do what has to be done when things get down to the wire, but this time things are a little different.

In addition to dealing with normal Market frenzy, this season International Quilt Market is being held here in Pittsburgh. The entire industry is coming to town for this wholesale event. Many of them, including the sponsored bus trip, will be stopping by my store. Needless to say, there is a lot of primping, cleaning and general organizing to prepare for that kind of company. If you were in the store over the weekend, you are probably wondering how that is going to happen! I have piles and heaps of fabric, snips, scraps, discarded blocks, instruction notes, rulers, you name it, strewn everywhere!

Outside of the store we have been working with our landscaper since last fall, planning when he needs to be finished with spring clean-up and fresh mulch. My husband also asked him to re-rock a drainage area along our driveway. All last week there was a pile of stone in my parking lot taking up 3 parking spaces. Our landscaper is having employee issues, his wife just had a baby..... I can relate..... but I wanted the rock gone and the mulch DONE. So far I'm one for two in that department.

I didn't sew until the wee hours on Friday and Saturday because we were attending the local high school musical production of "Anything Goes". My daughter is starring as Hope and I did not want to miss a minute of it. I always see it at least twice, the first time I usually hold my breath each time she starts to sing, the second time I really get to enjoy it. This year they are performing for two weekends and I plan to see it Friday too! Saturday I will leave at intermission so that I can get home and warm things up. For the last few years we have hosted the cast party after the final performance.

This is Lindsay's senior year and in addition to all of the hoopla that normally goes along with graduation, her prom is the Friday night of Market. Sometime between now and then I have to find time to adjust her prom dress. She selected a black and white (mostly white) chiffon dress with a slit and she is not leaving the house until I line the skirt! This morning she informed us that her group of friends are planning to take photos at OUR house.

I have to go drop this quilt at the quilter and call a guy about mulch!

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