Thursday, June 11, 2009

It is Shop Hop Time!

We are smack in the middle of the Western Pennsylvania Shop Hop. This year the 13 participating stores are each featuring a different movie theme. Our shop selected "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" as our movie. Not because of the plot, because the title was just too much fun to pass up! Who could resist the excuse to be crazy for a few days? We have candies that we are dispensing in pill cups. Our block for the progressive quilt is "Birds in the Air" and our setting squares are done in "Crazy Patch". There are signs on the door that say "Caution Enter at your own risk. Inmates roam freely". That has confused a few non hopping customers!

The overall theme of a hospital setting gave us the opportunity to dress as either part of the medical staff or as a patient. Several of us have been wearing scrubs and Debby or Dr. LeDonne as we like to call her has been wearing a white lab coat. She ran to Mickey D's yesterday and when they handed her her lunch they actually said "Have a nice day Doc"! But so far Patty takes the cake! Patty's real job in in the Dietary Department for a local nursing home. She borrowed the hospital gown from the nursing staff. Earlier this evening one of our customers said "I have something in my trunk for you" and THAT is where the fake behind came from! TOO FUNNY!!! (Patty wants you to know that isn't her real behind and hers doesn't have dimples!)

Funnier yet is someone that is driving around with a fake behind in their trunk just looking for someone to give it to!
Quilters are always unbelievably fun, but when you give them a "crazy" excuse, you are in for a good time!!!


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