Saturday, June 6, 2009

New York 2

After a few hours of wandering the shops in the garment district it was time to hoof it back to the hotel and change shoes. I was contemplating my choices for dinner and considering taking the subway down to Canal Street to visit my favorite "junk" stores before they closed when it occurred to me to check the hours for The City Quilter.

I've always wanted to visit this middle of Manhattan quilt shop. It is such a marvel to me. I know shop owners have a hard time surviving in suburbia with rental spaces that are 1/4 the cost of city real estate, yet The City Quilter has been a fixture for many years. Obviously they are doing something right!

I checked their website and they were open until 7pm..... and only a mere 7 blocks away! Comfortable shoes and here we come!

I didn't get a very good shot of the outside of the shop. To be honest, it was trash day and the front sidewalk was heaped with discarded construction items from the place next door. You can't tell from this photo, but the shop is located on a beautiful tree lined street in a real "neighborhood" looking area, right in the middle of the city. It was also bustling with customers! There were several people shopping and a nice size class for what I gathered was a sampler quilt project being held in the back of the store.

When you are a shop owner it is always fun to anonymously explore another shop. Not for devious reasons, just because. I love to see what other owners purchase, what is selling, what isn't selling. It is a great opportunity to see the fabrics through another persons eyes. What did they buy that you passed over? What is selling well for them and sitting in your store?

Sooner or later I usually find myself in their "sale" area. I always take a deep breath and say a little prayer that I don't find any of MY stuff in sitting on those shelves!

I am happy to report that The City Quilter has wonderful taste, beautiful displays and is a delightful place to shop. Look what I found on their pattern racks!

There were a few of my bolts mixed in with other lines and I realized just as I was leaving that my entire Complexion Collection of fabrics were featured in the front window!

I knew I would like that store.


Patricia Peterson said...

I'm a quilter from California who is traveling to New York in September and I'm wondering where this quilt store is and where the garment district is located on Manhattan. Is there anything worth seeing fabric wise?

Anonymous said...

The City Quilter is located in midtown. You can Google them for their hours and address. Purl is another shop located in the SoHo area (SoHo means South of Houston, Houston is a street that runs east/west) 7th Ave. is considered Fashion Ave and east of Time Square is the Garment District in midtown. There are tons of fabric shops that you can shop in the garment district, but they have very little quilter weight cottons. Perfect for inspiration, but plan on shopping the quilt shops for the your cotton fabrics... and have a GREAT time!