Sunday, June 13, 2010

Western PA Shop Hop

Let's go to the hop, ba da da dum,

Let's go to the hop, ba da da dum......

If you are a quilter and live anywhere near Pittsburgh PA, you were probably in our store at some point over the last several days. We just hosted the Western Pennsylvania Shop Hop and had a record number of hoppers.

This year the hop had a dance theme and we hosted the Sock Hop. Not all of the stores get as "in to it" as we do, but we figure if you are going to do it, do it right! It was great fun dressing in 50's gear, listening to the music all day and having fun with the customers. We even purchased hula hoops. We considered offering them to customers that were waiting in line so that they could entertain themselves - but then we discovered that we can't do it anymore either! (Here is a tip for you: the LARGER the hula hoop the easier it is to use. We are blaming the smaller hoops on our inability to keep them going. That is our story and we are sticking to it).

We packed official Bazooka bubble gum in our goodie bags and offered our hoppers the chance to help themselves to our penny candy selection and bottled water before they went on their way to the next shop.

Our hop always has a progressive quilt. The hoppers pick up one pattern at each of the 12 shops, another pattern is in the shop hop booklet, one is on the internet site and one was available on kick-off day when the passports went on sale.
Each shop owner has a designated job for the hop and this year I designed the quilt. Our version features cherries to fit with our 50's theme. The background is bright white even though it look funky green in this photo.
In a month or two we will have the pattern and kit available to purchase. I will add it (with a better photo) to the website.
Now all the shop owners have left to do is attend a meeting tomorrow morning so that we can draw all of the prize winners from the passports that were turned in and call the lucky winners!
Then we start the planning for Shop Hop 2011. Do any of you hoppers have ideas or suggestions? Feel free to comment, we are always looking for great ideas!


Anonymous said...

Now being back home in the 'burgh after not having lived in the area for many years, I don't know what your hops have been in the past. A thought did occur to me just now for next year's hop - Off to the Races - it could either be a horse theme or a Nascar-type theme. Or possibly a cruise theme with each shop representing a different port of call.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to quilting, have made 3 quilts so far and am excited to do more. Have 5 in the works.... yes I know it is too many but I get to working on one, then go to pick up some little thing I need to continue ( like a sharp pair of shears or in one case, a sewing machine, but that's another story) and of course some new material or pattern flashes accross my vision and oops...another project on the list, bought and paid for and needs doing!!! How excitingthis all is! And of course, at the Quilt Company, which is the closest place to my house for my "needs" I always find something new to do. See ya ! Peanut!