Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Grandma Zone


You are about to enter the Grandma Zone. That wonderful place that is inhabited by those of us that have just been blessed with the most adorable grandchildren in the world, and we can't stop talking about them or showing you photos of them. There is a desperate need to let the entire world know how wonderful they are.

The twins arrived on May 28th. Grant Emory and Madeline Rae are perfect, except that they live 5 hours away. I was there for their arrival and their first 5 days. I would still be there, but they have another set of Grandparents that we have to share them with and they are entitled to some cuddle time too. I'm headed back for a second visit as soon as they leave and I'm actually looking forward to the 5 hour trip. It will give me plenty of time to think, design, plan and decide on the next twenty or so quilts that I want to make them so that they always feel like they are wrapped up in Grandma love!

Who knew that two tiny little people could rock your entire world!


Anonymous said...

Karen, That has to be the most beautiful picture I've ever seen. It's brought a tear to my eye. They are so perfect. Congratulations to you all. Susan

PG Wagner said...

Welcome to the Grandma Club! My grandson is six hours away so I know how you feel having your new grandbabies so far away. The twins are beautiful!!! Congrats to all!!!

bmayer said...

Well you already know how sweet I think they are....keep those pictures coming!

Cathy said...

Congratulations! They are adorable and the pic is precious. Best one I've seen. I spent 1 month with my daughter for her first two (7 and 5yrs now), then retired and moved provinces just 3 wks before the youngest arrived (22 months now). See them as often as you can cause they grow so fast.