Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello from Shipshewana Indiana

We are currently vending at the Quilt Festival in Shipshewana, Indiana. My husband has been helping hold down the booth while I taught a few sessions of the Schoolhouse program and spend the rest of the day demonstrating my Quick Trim Ruler. It's been fun!

I though you would enjoy seeing some of the quilts from the show.

It is hard to appreciate the colors and workmanship of this sampler quilt in this larger photo. It is a big quilt and I wanted you to see the whole thing. The next photo shows just the one corner. Every block is different and they were very well pieced. I think the border choice was perfect.

This quilt had a ribbon, best of show for machine quilting.

Here is why! Although I do have to wonder if a Statler Stitcher was involved.

This quilt caught my eye immediately. The setting is unique and the blocks are all hand appliqued. The message from the maker says that this quilt will be given to her grandson when he marries or reaches the age of 35, which ever comes first!

The quilt is hand quilted. I hope he finds a bride worthy of this kind of work.

More photos later! Right now I have to get to the booth and get ready for another day!

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PG Wagner said...

I'm pretty sure that the sampler quilt you posted is a "Nearly Insane" the one I've been working on. I think I recognize a bunch of those blocks. Very cool!!