Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday? What Holiday?

In an effort to make all of you reading this feel better about your holiday shopping, I’ve decided to confess that as of today December 12th, I have exactly TWO gifts purchased. One that I picked up at the office supply store and to be honest I can’t remember the other one…… I know I have a bag hidden, but Ill have to look inside to jog my memory!

It isn’t that I don’t want to shop; I even have some good ideas for people on my list. I am in major denial that Christmas is just around the corner. I exist in the strange world of publishing and product that has Easter deadlines before Thanksgiving and Christmas fabric arriving in May. I need the rhythm of the traditional world to keep me on track. School starts and I know it is fall. People smell like suntan lotion, it must be summer. I actually gave up trying to pay for things with a check because it was embarrassing to ask for the date and have the cashier say “It’s the fifth” and have to inquire “Of what month?”

I missed the traditional Halloween this year. I left Quilt Market in Houston and went directly onto a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Halloween was spent onboard with 4 other shop owners and an extremely interesting group of people that took “dress up” to a whole new level, but it was most definitely not a traditional trick-or-treat Halloween. Thanksgiving was absolutely lovely. Our daughter Lauren prepared the meal for the first time and the weekend was spent meeting her future in-laws. It was perfect, but the days before I found myself staring into an almost empty frig, no pies to bake, no stuffing to mix. Then after we returned home, I had no leftovers to deal with. Earlier this month I found myself standing in Macy’s looking at all of the lights and sparkle, listening to the holiday music, thinking “What are these people doing”? The 50 degree temperatures aren’t helping either. Not that I’m complaining. Better rain than snow in my book. We don’t have to clear rain off the parking lot.

Now I logically know that I need to get myself in festive gear, but I can’t seem to shake this “I’ll worry about that tomorrow” attitude. Debby, our Store Manager and perennial shop elf, has handed me a list of last minute items that would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for any quilter. I certainly wouldn’t mind finding a Purple Thang or a trial size version of Soak in my stocking. A Purple Thang makes a great stiletto when you are sewing, it “pokes” corners when you turn something right side out and it’s perfect for putting the drawstring back in your sweatpants! Soak is a fabulous product for your hand washables. You don’t have to twist, or wring, and it rinses clear. She has also stocked up on Snag Nap It’s. This is a handy little tool that pulls any knit snag to the inside with just a quick twist. It is perfect for all those holiday sweaters you will be receiving. We also have mini irons and Mary Ellen’s Best Press, a wonderful, great smelling starch alternative. ….. now that I think about it, I might be able to get a good start on filling my girls stockings without even leaving the shop!

I have managed to finish the shop newsletter for Jan/Feb/Mar. Our classes are planned, samples are yet to be hung (we usually hold off until after inventory) and we have several new offerings that we expect to create quite a buzz. Our local customers have the opportunity to take part in our Retreat Weekend at Sandscrest. Space is limited for several reasons. We like having room to spread out and we don’t want to risk overloading the electrical circuits! I wish all of you could come along, an entire weekend spent doing something you love, with a little pampering thrown in is a very good thing!

Now I have to get some work done, sample yardage of my new Choo Choo line and The Completion Collection (shades that are appropriate for skin tones) arrived yesterday. I will post the progress of the samples as soon as I have something to show. Thanks for stopping by! - Karen

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