Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I need more TIME!

It seems absolutely impossible that the calendar added an entire day in February and we only lost an hour in March for daylight savings. Why am I not 23 hours ahead? What happened? I keep thinking of things I want to discuss on this blog, like the CBS Sunday Morning segment on Ricky Tims. Here's the link if you missed it
Let me know what you think. Ricky is a very talented person, a genuinely nice guy and he deserved the attention, but why isn't the woman that made the award winning quilt that they show at festival newsworthy? They don't even mention her name.
I've also been pondering the fact that I spent most of last weekend in our booth at the local quilt show watching people fret over spending $16 on a complete, including pattern, pillow kit only to have them walk another 10 feet to the Viking booth next door and plunk down $300+ dollars for a “fabric mover” to help them machine quilt their own projects. I began to wonder if they thought that the “time” to use the fabric mover was included in the box. What exactly is that kind of purchase saying? It certainly does not validate a downturn in the economy. Do you think they are feeling guilty about having too many unfinished projects? Do you think it stems from the attitude that using a professional quilter is “cheating”? What makes a person make a $300+ impulse purchase? I say "impulse" because they had no way of knowing that it would be available at the show. That kind of thing is just another of life's mysteries that make me say “hmmmm…..”.

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