Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Busy, busy, busy. Quilt show last weekend, Easter holiday this weekend. Our youngest (a junior in high school) is on spring break and we are watching the school website for updates on a possible teachers strike. Normally Lindsay would relish the possibility of an extended vacation, but she has also landed the roll of Cinderella in the spring musical “Into the Woods” and a strike might mean pushing the performance off to the first week of May instead of the second week of April. That means that her much older siblings that have to travel in from out-of-town to see the show will need to rework their schedules. Personally, if I were the negotiator for the teachers, I would have them finish the year “out of contract” and then refuse to come back next fall unless the board met our demands. That seems like a better bargaining position, but nobody cares what I think, I’m just Cinderella’s mother, and we all know how that story goes…..

While I’m busy fretting over having to change travel plans, what color to paint the kitchen, Easter dinner, adjustments to make to my next fabric line and a zillion other meaningless details I received the following link from Patty as a reminder to put everything in perspective. Patty has been our “Thursday night” employee for the last 14 years. A dozen women that work together soon become more like sisters than fellow employees and we all have been sharing Patty’s burden of dealing with her nephew’s diagnosis of Lou Gehrigs disease. Bobby was several months shy of his 16th birthday when his diagnosis rocked their world and transformed him from a typical teenage son and pesky little brother to the center of the Suvoy universe. It has been amazing watching this family and their friends pull together to support and encourage this family in their time of need. No whining, no complaining, no requests for free handouts, no wallowing in pity, just pure, simple love and support. Bobby lives in Michigan and as Patty’s husband puts it, the regular weekend visits have made the Ohio Turnpike an extension of their driveway. Patty has produced pillows and quilts to wrap them in love and people that hear about the situation don’t hesitate to pitch in and help with whatever the family needs. While the disease is nothing but hateful, the attitude and response of those that are involved, including Bobby, are a lesson in all that is right with the world. You can read about Bobby’s favorite hockey player at the link below. Caution, it might make you cry.

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Lynne in Hawaii said...

Teachers strikes can be so counter productive considering lost wages, benefits, etc. and the education of the youth.
You blog today was very thooughtful and thought provoking. Thanks!