Monday, March 3, 2008


I know that many of you are anxious for me to post the photos of our weekend retreat. I promise that I will – right after I drive back to West Virginia with my husband so that he can remove the flat tire from our van, drive it to the bottom of the mountain to the repair place that is closed on Sunday, wait while they fix it, return to the top of the mountain replace it on the van and drive back to Pittsburgh in time to teach class tonight. Then my husband will be taking the van to the dealer to have them figure out why the thing that holds the spare tire in place refuses to release the spare tire. This is not my diagnosis, Rod the wonderful young man that was our chef and Tony the AAA tow truck driver agree that it is stuck. They had no explanation as to why there is no place in Wheeling to have a tire repaired on Sunday.

If you are wondering….. it was a wonderful weekend! Snowstorm, ice, white-out conditions, flat tire and all. Thegroup can't wait to go back!

I finished all the kaleidoscope blocks!

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